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KLM Travelers Paying for Sustainable Flights Double In 2023

KLM Saw Twice As Many Travelers Pay for Sustainable Aviation Fuel Supplements On Nordic Flights

During 2023, KLM increased the sale of SAF supplements on flights in the Nordics by 213 percent compared to 2022. Maria Hagelberg, head of sustainability at KLM Northern Europe, believes it is gratifying that the will to contribute to a more sustainable aircraft is increasing.

KLM passengers traveling together.

“The sales curve for SAF (sustainable aviation fuel) is pointing upwards, and an increase of over 200 percent cannot be ignored. But it still makes up a very small part of our total sales. However, we have seen a steady increase since the summer when extreme weather, heat records, and floods were a hot topic in the media. Perhaps it has increased the will to fly more sustainably and take an active role in the transition,” says Hagelberg.

Nordic SAF Trend Extends Globally

The increase in SAF surcharges in the Nordics corresponds to what KLM sees in the rest of the world. SAF is currently the only available fuel alternative to reduce aviation’s climate impact. Electric aircraft and hydrogen are advancing, but these will primarily be an alternative for shorter distances initially. However, one of the key challenges with SAF is that it is significantly more expensive than fossil fuel.

“It will inevitably become more expensive to fly as the entire industry adjusts to become more sustainable. Since 2022, we have included some SAF on all tickets. Currently, each ticket contains up to 1% SAF. Although we and many other airlines invest billions in innovation and the purchase of SAF, we must get the consumers on board. Offering different SAF alternatives makes it simpler for customers to choose the alternative that suits them best. We also have tailor-made solutions for small and large businesses,” says Hagelberg.

Passengers Need Better Guidance On Booking Sustainable Flights

A Novus survey carried out by KLM in 2023 shows that most Nordic travelers want to contribute to more sustainable aviation but also find it difficult to make sustainable choices when booking a trip.

“This is something we have taken to heart. We work continuously to make it easier for customers to make sustainable choices when they fly. This includes among other things, training for business customers, visibility in the ordering process, and creating incentives through our loyalty program Flying Blue,” says Hagelberg.

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KLM Travelers Paying for Sustainable Flights Double In 2023

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