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Official: Air India Picks Thales’ AVANT Up As Best IFE

Air India has announced it will equip 51 aircraft with Thales’ AVANT Up In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system. This includes:

  • Forty existing aircraft (777 and 787) retrofit.
  • Eleven new aircraft (787 and A350) line-fit.
  • All will feature the latest Thales AVANT Up technologies.
  • AVANT Up features Optiq QLED smart displays offering the best inflight entertainment solution for aviation with cinematic 4K HDR picture quality and in-screen USB-A and USB-C high-speed charging.

Air India, the top international airline in India, has chosen Thales’ AVANT Up as its new inflight entertainment solution. This cutting-edge system promises to create engaging experiences for passengers. With the largest network and the most direct flights from India to global destinations, Air India continues to enhance travel with 2,200 hours of entertainment content.

Thales Video: AVANT Up In-Flight Entertainment

Air India Revamps In-Flight Entertainment

Air India is set to redefine the in-flight entertainment scene by beginning a significant fleet transformation in 2024. The airline will incorporate Thales’ latest AVANT Up system into its existing fleet of 40 Boeing 777 and 787 aircraft, with upgrades expected to stretch into 2025. These enhancements will not only apply to existing aircraft but also to 11 brand-new Airbus and Boeing planes, beginning deliveries in 2025. Thales’ collaboration with Air India continues to evolve, promising passengers a revolutionary entertainment experience.

Interactive and Engaging Features for Passengers

Thales’ AVANT Up system brings entertainment to another level with its extensive range of integrated services. Passengers can immerse themselves in an interactive 3D map, plan their journey with route-based programming, and effortlessly navigate a diverse entertainment selection with the user-friendly Select User Interface (UI). This approach aims to engage passengers like never before, making every flight an occasion to look forward to.

Unmatched Visual Experience with Thales’ Optiq Screens

Boarding an Air India flight will soon mean indulging in the finest viewing experiences at 35,000 feet, courtesy of Thales’ Optiq screens. These 4K QLED HDR displays boast unmatched picture quality, ensuring that every scene is as clear and vivid as intended. Optiq screens also feature built-in high-speed USB-A and USB-C charging ports, supporting all your device needs mid-flight. Moreover, each display is equipped to handle two Bluetooth connections simultaneously and comes with integrated Wi-Fi. Passengers can easily pair their wireless headphones or other gadgets while keeping their devices fully charged for arrival.

Stay Connected and Charged Throughout Your Journey

Enhancing the in-flight experience also means providing uninterrupted connectivity to passengers. Thales’ AVANT Up anticipates this need by allowing passengers to pair multiple devices at once and stay powered up with onboard charging ports. Whether you wish to enjoy the airline’s vast entertainment options or catch up on work, Air India ensures you arrive relaxed and ready to go with your devices fully charged.

Air India Committed To World-Class Travel

“Air India is committed to providing a world-class travel experience to its passengers. Partnering with Thales for its top-of-the-class AVANT Up inflight entertainment systems is a step in the direction of our transformation programme. This latest inflight entertainment technology will allow us to stay at the forefront of aviation technology and will help us provide our passengers with a unique onboard entertainment system,” said Rajesh Dogra, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Air India.

AVANT Up IFE: Transcending the Ordinary

“At Thales, we are very proud to deepen our long standing partnership with Air India. ​ We are committed to support the airline’s transformation by delivering state-of-the-art AVANT Up technologies that transcend the ordinary to offer Air India’s customers with world-class inflight experiences celebrating the vibrant culture and colours of India,” said Yannick Assouad, Executive Vice-President Avionics, Thales.

“India is the fastest growing aviation market in the world, with huge potential for further growth. This sets the stage for airlines to elevate overall flying experience of passengers. We are pleased to support Air India in achieving the ambition of providing superior customer experience with our advanced AVANT Up inflight entertainment,” said Ashish Saraf, VP and Country Director for India, Thales.

Air India’s commitment to improving the jet-setting experience shines through with this ambitious upgrade. Get ready to fly smarter, stay connected, and indulge in the ultimate airborne entertainment with Air India and Thales’ AVANT Up.

About Thales in India

Established in 1953, Thales boasts a significant presence in India with its main office in Noida and additional facilities in Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Mumbai. The company employs over 2,000 individuals directly and through joint ventures across the country. Thales actively contributes to India’s development by providing advanced technologies and knowledge in sectors such as Defence, Transport, Aerospace, and Digital Identity and Security.

In India, Thales operates two major engineering centers. The Noida center specializes in the digital identity and security domain. In contrast, the Bengaluru center excels in engineering for hardware, software, and integrated systems. Both hubs cater to the civil and defence sectors and address global requirements.

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