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Amazing Flying Concepts Revealed In Crystal Cabin Awards Shortlist

Crystal Cabin Awards 2024 Reveals Shortlist of Candidates For Future Flying Experience

The Crystal Cabin Awards Association has announced the shortlist of candidates for this year’s premiere prize in revolutionary aircraft cabin concepts. Winners of the Crystal Cabin Awards 2024 will be announced on 28 May during the Aircraft Interiors Expo.

Virginia Polytechnic University WSSS
Zotefoams lightweight components
Collins Aerospace ADAPT
Tangerine JAL-A350-1000 First-Class
Conetic touch-media center
Almadesign FlyPT
Diehl Aviation Qantas A350-1000 Wellbeing-zone
Ameco Fly-Buddy Hub
AerQ by Geven
Safran passenger innovation
Accenture PED bag
ACLA bar area
Airbus C-suite
STARLUX Airlines business class seat
Zephyr Aerospace
CompriseTec Faircraft
Hawaiian Airlines Leihoku suite
  •  The Crystal Cabin Awards jury comprises 28 international experts (including FlightChic).
  • The prizes recognize the year’s most innovative products and concepts for aircraft cabins.
  • The winners will be announced during an award ceremony in Hamburg on 28 May.

The Crystal Cabin Awards are a highly esteemed event in the airline industry, celebrated for driving innovation in aircraft cabins. Hamburg Aviation hosts this annual competition, which sets the benchmark for the future of air travel. With the motto “Let your ideas take off,” the awards feature eight categories recognizing revolutionary advances in aviation comfort, sustainability, and technology.

In 2024, an impressive lineup of 72 shortlisted entries vies for the coveted prize, showcasing a range of groundbreaking concepts. These include game-changing seat designs, eco-friendly materials for cabins, and entertainment systems that cater to all passengers.

An international panel of industry specialists will select the winners, who will be announced on the awards day. You can find the list of groundbreaking winners on the official Crystal Cabin Award website at

Innovative Air Travel Comfort in Economy Class

Ameco introduces the Fly-Buddy Hub, transforming how we experience economy class. Travelers can now sit or lie down during flights, work as a team, or enjoy movies and games in a social setting. This concept features six seats facing each other, with adaptable space, foldable beds, tables, and intelligent partitions for diverse use.

Qantas Airways Adds Relaxation to Long-Haul Flights

Qantas Airways strives for greater comfort with its “Sunrise” project. Non-stop flights from Sydney to London and New York will feature the Wellbeing Zone by Diehl Aviation in the A350 aircraft. Available to all passengers, this zone provides space for guided exercises, healthy snacks, and refreshment stations for lengthy flights of up to 20 hours.

Zephyr Seat: The New Standard in Premium Economy Comfort

Zephyr Aerospace innovates with the Zephyr Seat, the first flat aircraft seat for premium economy on long-haul flights. Offering direct aisle access and utmost privacy, its unique design maintains seating capacity while elevating passenger comfort.

Japan Airlines Advances Cabin Elegance Across All Classes

Developed in collaboration with design firm Tangerine, Safran Seats, and Recaro Aircraft Seating, Japan Airlines presents the A350-1000’s cabin. This new interior showcases Japanese elegance and innovation, with first-class dining and a wide bed, a headphone-free entertainment system in business class, and private premium economy seating with automatic adjustment.

Enhancing Accessibility in Aircraft Cabins

Flying inclusively is the focus of recent innovations. The Wheelchair Space and Securement System (WSSS) from the University of Virginia Tech, alongside Boeing and others, enables adaptable seating for securing wheelchairs. Collins Aerospace’s ADAPT digital control system facilitates the control of various functionalities for passengers with disabilities. Similarly, AirbusACCESS Beam system allows wheelchair transport by modifying cabins during ground times. Meanwhile, partnerships involving Safran Passenger Innovations (SPI) have resulted in entertainment for travelers with impairments, and the University of Michigan‘s M-SAAVE project offers a safety system for passengers who rely on wheelchairs.

Sustainable Innovation in Aircraft Cabin Design

The pursuit of eco-friendly cabins has brought forward innovations targeting emission reductions. Companies like Zotefoams and Collins Aerospace focus on lightweight materials that lead to fuel savings. Airbus and Recaro prioritize recycled materials in their designs. The Gen Phoenix initiative introduces recycled fabric for seat covers, while Aircraft Cabin Modification boasts its 100% natural fiber material for cabins.

The Crystal Cabin Award 2024: Showcasing Future Cabin Trends

The prestigious Crystal Cabin Awards ceremony on 28 May 2024 will give prizes in eight categories. It celebrates cabin innovation in Cabin Concepts, Cabin Systems, Health & Safety, IFEC & Digital Services, Material & Components, Passenger Comfort, Sustainable Cabin, and University. This prominent event has significant industry support, unveiling groundbreaking solutions to aircraft interior design and passenger comfort.

Crystal Cabin Awards: Fostering Innovation in Aviation

The Crystal Cabin Award garners substantial industry backing, with sponsors ranging from major aerospace companies to specialized media partners. It is an international symbol of excellence in aircraft cabin innovation, underlining the industry’s commitment to enhancing passenger experience through pioneering design and technology.

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