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Norwegian Unveils New Logo And Brand For First Time In 22 Years

Norwegian is overhauling its well-known visual identity for the first time in two decades, including an update to its iconic logo. Established in 2002, the airline has embarked on a modernization journey to revamp its brand while ensuring it remains familiar to customers.

Norwegian’s new logo.
Norwegian’s new Avatar.

A Subtle But Impactful New Norwegian Brand

The changes to Norwegian‘s logo and visual identity are subtle but impactful, adopting a simplified red and white color scheme in place of the previous red, white and blue. The swooping aircraft icon is also abstracted, transformed from navy to white. A subtle change to the Norwegian font adds it stretches the letters slightly higher while adding rounding. We see a new curved “w” and a circular dot on the “i.” The airline has also adopted a brighter red background, replacing the more muted cerise.

“Our new visual identity has a richer color palette, a new typographic expression and a new image style, as well as a more flexible layout system. We look forward to showing it off, both internally and externally,” says Camilla Aspen, creative director at Norwegian.

Norwegian’s previous logo and avatar have been in place since the airline’s founding in 2002.

Christoffer Sundby, Norwegian’s Executive Vice President for Marketing and Customer Service, emphasizes the balance of tradition and innovation. “Norwegian’s logo and brand are both very well known and appreciated, and we are very proud of that. Although we are now renewing ourselves, we promise that our customers will still recognize us. After more than 20 years, a modernization is in order, and this gives Norwegian a more modern, warmer and clearer expression, which will follow us safely into the next 20 years,” Sundby says.

Norwegian Aims To Become Europe’s Most Loved and Trusted Airline

Since its inception in 2002, Norwegian Air has maintained a consistent logo and strong brand presence. The airline is now revamping its visual profile to align with modern marketing needs and to better showcase its unique identity. This refresh is part of Norwegian Air’s commitment, following its 20th anniversary in 2022, to become the most loved and reliable airline in Europe.

“The rollout will not happen overnight. We start with the digital channels and then update gradually and structure in all communication areas, in offices, in airports, and in the planes themselves. Old and new can easily live side by side for some time. At the beginning of March, the new visual profile and new logo will be visible for the first time in our own and external media,” says Camilla Aspen, creative director at Norwegian.

Norwegian’s marketing team, spearheaded by Eirik Bryn, collaborated with the acclaimed Norwegian design agency TRY Design to create a fresh visual profile. With Camilla Aspen at the helm as the creative director for Norwegian, the joint venture showcases innovation and attention to detail in its latest branding initiative.

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