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You Now Can Enjoy 8 New Restaurants At Helsinki Airport

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Helsinki Airport, known for its efficiency and passenger-friendly design, is committed to providing diverse, high-quality services. The airport has recently introduced eight new dining establishments, significantly enriching travelers’ culinary experience.

Bubbles at Helsinki Airport

What’s On Offer At Helsinki Airport’s New Restaurants?

The artisan pizzeria Italian Kitchen Terracotta offers a cozy nook for pizza enthusiasts. At the same time, Bubbles Seafood & Wine boasts an impressive selection of champagne and wine to satisfy connoisseurs and casual drinkers. The new Espresso House offers a cozy spot for coffee lovers to unwind before their flights.

The renovation of the Burger King restaurant at gate 37 is just a teaser for the following flurry of activity. As the spring season ushers in freshness, so does the airport’s dining scene with the introduction of exciting new establishments. Naughty Burger, envisaged by a Finnish Top Chef winner, is set to offer innovative burger delights. The Street Food Club will serve many delicious street food options that will attract diverse diners. Additionally, Espresso House will mark its fourth café at the airport, reinforcing the café chain’s commitment to providing quality coffee experiences to travelers. The Nordic Kitchen Deli, Bar & Bistro is not far behind, with two new restaurants spotlighting Nordic culinary excellence.

Conveniently Located In Helsinki Airport Departure Gate Area

These new and revamped food establishments are strategically positioned in the departure gate area, making them easily accessible to travelers. With 15.3 million passengers, almost 90% of whom were on international flights in 2023, Helsinki Airport is an intersection of global flavors and local culinary artistry. The extension of dining options gives passengers a taste of the world as they journey through the Finnish capital.

“Now there is a great reason to arrive at the airport well in advance to enjoy the atmosphere of the departures area and good food as part of your winter holiday trip. Our offering includes a suitable option for every situation, whether you want to dine in a restaurant or find a takeaway snack to take with you on your flight,” says Nora Immonen, Finavia’s Director of Commercial Services Business for Helsinki Airport

Helsinki Airport Restaurants Offer Variety and Warmth

Terracotta at Helsinki Airport

From the comfort of modern lounges to the quick grab-and-go stations, these new restaurants cater to varied tastes and dining preferences. Offering international cuisine and local Finnish flavors, they give passengers a taste of Nordic delights.

The expansion of Helsinki Airport’s restaurant services takes quality and sustainability into account. These new outlets focus on using locally sourced ingredients and adopting environmentally friendly practices, reflecting Finland’s deep appreciation for nature and commitment to sustainability.

The visual appeal of the dining spaces, with their contemporary design, also contributes to the overall ambiance of the airport. Comfortable seating arrangements, mood lighting, and spacious layouts ensure that travelers can relax and enjoy their meals in a pleasant environment.

Where To Find The New Restaurants and Cafés at Helsinki Airport

  • Bubbles Seafood & Wine, gate 26
  • Espresso House, gates 14 and 25
  • Italian Kitchen Terracotta, gate 25
  • Naughty Burger, gate 14
  • Nordic Kitchen Deli, Bar & Bistro, gates 26 and 37
  • Street Food Club, gate 52

Helsinki Airport Dining Reflects Its Status As An International Gateway

The opening of these restaurants aligns with the broader development goals of Helsinki Airport, aimed at improving passenger experiences and positioning itself as a leading international hub. This commitment to continuous improvement is evident as the airport keeps pace with the evolving demands of international travel.

Helsinki Airport’s dedication to upgrading its facilities and services is a testament to its role as a significant European gateway. With these new dining options, travelers can now look forward to an even richer airport experience, whether in transit or starting their journey from the heart of Finland.

“Helsinki Airport’s restaurant offering has almost doubled since 2019. We are developing our food and beverage selection according to trends and passengers’ wishes, and the range of hot food, for example, has become significantly more diverse. Dining is a significant part of the travel experience for an increasing number of passengers,” says Immonen.

Helsinki Airport is rapidly becoming a culinary destination in its own right, with the recent opening of several new eateries and the renovation of existing venues that promise to tantalize travelers’ taste buds.

Helsinki Airport Restaurants Managed By Avolta

The strategic alliance with Avolta, a leading restaurant service provider, is pivotal in bringing these restaurant and café concepts to life at Helsinki Airport. This move is far from being just about food—it’s about creating job opportunities, with approximately 70 new positions slated to open at the airport. These developments are part of a larger expansion, introducing about 2,500 square meters of new commercial space, contributing to the already substantial 30,000 square meters available for lease.

More Dining Options at Helsinki Airport

Check out all the restaurants, cafés, and bars at Helsinki Airport.

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You Now Can Enjoy 8 New Restaurants At Helsinki Airport

Helsinki Airport, known for its efficiency and passenger-friendly design, is committed to providing …

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