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‘Check-In’ Out JetBlue’s New Cool And Green Amenity Kits

JetBlue is making its flights even better with new amenity kits, food choices, and fun things to do while you’re in the air this spring. They’re adding these new features to make sure every kind of traveler has a great time, whether you’re traveling for an exciting vacation, business, or to unwind. JetBlue promises a more enjoyable trip.

The airline has teamed up with Buzz to create special amenity kits you get when you fly Mint, JetBlue’s most luxurious cabins. These kits aren’t just cool – they’re also eco-friendly. You can use them again for other things, which is part of JetBlue’s effort to take care of our planet. With these updates, JetBlue shows it’s possible to enjoy a little luxury in the air while still being kind to the Earth.

New Mint® Amenity Kits Focus On Repurposing

JetBlue Mint Amenities Featuring A New York Favorite

JetBlue is improving its in-flight experience. They have partnered with Mint amenity partners to offer top-quality New York City products. From March 13th, 2024, passengers flying across the Atlantic will get a neat, reusable backpack. And from April 1st, 2024, people traveling within the US will get a cool, small pouch.

Both items are designed by Caraa, a New York company known for stylish and practical sports bags and accessories. Caraa mixes high style with practical design to make bags that travelers crave.

If you’re flying JetBlue Mint across the Atlantic, you’ll get an exclusive dark grey Caraa sports mesh pouch. It can easily change into a bright mint-green backpack. Use it for a day trip, to carry your stuff to the gym, or even as a bag for the beach.

For those flying within the US, Mint customers get a smart-looking, small pouch in four fashionable colors: greenish-grey, beige, light brown, and metallic grey. This pouch is perfect for keeping all the things you need while traveling. You can collect all the colors to match your style, mood, or luggage. It’s a fashionable way to fly.

Beauty Goodies Inside JetBlue’s New Amenity Kits

Elevate your travel experience with these trendy wellness products from popular New York brands: the skincare specialists at Dr. Dennis Gross and the forward-thinking team at Plus Ultra. Both brands focus on creating eco-friendly personal care items. They’re joined by the cozy sleep products from Tuft & Needle to ensure you have the utmost comfort.

Upgrade your in-flight skincare with Dr. Dennis Gross. This brand is dedicated to making products that are kind to animals and safe for your skin, offering top-notch quality. JetBlue has a unique collection for Mint customers, including the luxurious Hyaluronic Marine Oil-Free Moisture Cushion and Hydrate + Smooth Hand Treatment to keep your skin hydrated. You can also try their gentle daily peel treatments for soft, revitalized skin, and don’t miss out on their famous Moisture-Lock Lip Balm to keep your lips smooth. No matter your skin type, you’ll have all you need for fantastic skincare in the air.

Plus Ultra leads the way in creating high-quality personal care goods that are good for the planet. Show off a bright smile with their Moso bamboo toothbrush, designed from a fast-growing, eco-friendly material. It’s strong and naturally fights off bacteria and mold. Plus Ultra offers a cool Mint gel toothpaste or mouthwash to keep your breath fresh and your smile sparkly.

JetBlue Spring Fresh Menu Upgrade

Enhance your meal times with the fresh eats from renowned NYC restaurant Legacy Records. This top-notch spot from Delicious Hospitality Group (DHG) spices up Mint’s menu. Dive into the taste of the seasons with a delightful coconut yogurt. It’s sprinkled with a crunchy mix of maple-pecan and ginger granola. Looking for a warm treat? Try the delicious rosemary honey biscuit from The Hungry Gnome, especially when flying to London. It’s a tasty way to kick off your morning.

Get ready to explore deep and inviting tastes for lunch or dinner. Try the sweetly roasted carrots spiced up with harissa, sprinkled with zesty citrus breadcrumbs, all paired with JetBlue’s tender lamb shoulder. Or choose the creamy orzo mixed with juicy roasted tomatoes, tangy feta cheese marinated for extra flavor, and a handful of peppery fresh arugula.

For all of JetBlue’s available Mint dining menus across its network, visit the airline’s In-flight Menus page.

JetBlue Core Menus Upgraded With A Blue Debut

New York City’s famous eatery, DIG, has brought its outstanding food to JetBlue flights across the Atlantic. Now, passengers can enjoy amazing meals right from their plane seats, ordering from a screen.

There’s a great selection of tastes for those flying at lunch or dinner. The menu includes spicy marinated jerk chicken with creamy coconut rice and pickled peppers that aren’t too hot. There are also colorful sides like a beet and carrot salad topped with sweet sunflower seeds or a fresh mix of kale, parsley, and quinoa with juicy tomatoes.

Morning travelers aren’t left out. They can start their day with a tasty egg frittata with cheese, kale, and potatoes flavored with rosemary and olive oil. Or, for something sweet, there’s vegan French toast with a rich cherry jam.

For information on current in-flight food and beverage offerings, visit JetBlue’s In-flight Experience page.

Stream Spectacular: Spring Edition

JetBlue has announced their seasonal flights to Dublin. Now, when you fly with them, you can check out their new “Luck of the Irish” category on the seatback screens. Enjoy films showcasing Ireland’s beauty and stories this March, such as Brooklyn, Belfast, and The Quiet Girl. Get into the Irish spirit with music from Once and Sing Street from their collection.

For those who love learning, JetBlue has teamed up with Autio to bring you an exclusive audio tour that teaches you about Dublin’s history and culture.

JetBlue hasn’t forgotten about movie fans. They’re offering a great mix of big movies and award-winning hits this March. Watch the latest, from thrilling adventures to deep and meaningful stories, including titles like Barbie and Oppenheimer. Action lovers can enjoy Anatomy of a Fall, Priscilla, and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

Stay connected for the latest updates on JetBlue’s in-flight movies and shows. Whether you’re a movie enthusiast or just looking for entertainment, JetBlue’s got you covered. To see what movies, live TV, and WiFi services they offer, check out JetBlue’s TV, Movies & More page.

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