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A Sneak Peek At Delta Air Lines’ Sharp New Uniforms

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Delta Air Lines employees got their first look at prototypes for a new uniform collection after 18 months of development. The designs reflect the unique Delta brand and incorporate input from the airline’s 70,000 uniformed staff across various roles.

Delta Air Lines Uniforms Designed By Gap’s GPS Apparel

Delta Air Lines has teamed up with GPS Apparel, a division of Gap Inc., to develop a new collection of prototypes for their uniforms. Gap Inc., with over 50 years of experience and renowned brands like Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, and Athleta, offers its expertise in design and a vast sourcing network. They gathered input from over 20,000 Delta employees to inform the design of the new uniforms. They aim for a blend of comfort, style, durability, and functionality.

Deep Navy, Burgundy, and Green

Delta’s new uniform collection features a classic color palette of deep navy blues and burgundy, with red and white accents. All reflect the airline’s brand heritage. The designs prioritize comfort, inclusivity, breathability, and durability. Multiple styles offer employees options to personalize their looks. All garments comply with OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, ensuring safety and sustainability. They include functional elements tailored to specific roles. The aim is to enhance job performance and instill a sense of pride in wearing the uniform.

Delta Air Lines Widget Logo Detailing

Designers paid tribute to Delta’s brand and heritage in their collection by prominently featuring the airline’s widget logo. It has been symbolic of Delta since 1959. The logo’s design, highlighted on Delta aircraft tails, underscores the airline’s stability and aspiration to ascend continuously.

Next Step: Uniform Wear Testing

Delta will soon start detailed wear testing of new uniforms, with employee feedback shaping their design. The airline says the complete update for all staff groups will take several years to implement.

“Delta has tens of thousands of uniformed employees, all with different needs and preferences,” said Ranjan Goswami, SVP of Customer Experience Design. “That means any evolution of the uniform program will take time and deliberation to get right. We are committed to using this time to listen, learn and iterate as we work toward a new look – one that reflects and celebrates who we are as Delta.”

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