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Korean Air Maintenance and Ground Crew Get New Eco-Friendly Uniforms

Korean Air has launched new uniforms that focus on safety, comfort, and the environment. From April 1, employees in maintenance, aerospace, cargo, and ground services will start wearing the updated attire. These designs respond to the specific needs of the staff.

Enhanced Safety Features

Safety stands at the forefront of the new uniform design. Electrical hazard-resistant fabric is a key feature. Workers can also insert knee pads for protection. For those hot summer months, uniforms include breathable mesh behind the knees. Reflective elements ensure employee visibility in low light.

Seasonal and Functional Variety

The uniform line includes T-shirts, vests, windbreakers, and heavy jackets for varied tasks and weather conditions, allowing workers to choose what best suits their day-to-day duties.

Sustainable and Certified Materials

Korean Air has chosen eco-friendly materials for these uniforms. The winter jackets feature Sympatex, which offers excellent protection against cold and wet conditions. These materials bear the Bluesign and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certifications, denoting adherence to strict environmental standards. They can also be recycled or decomposed without harming the environment.

A Long-Awaited Update

This marks the first major uniform update for these employee teams since 1986. The development process included employee feedback to ensure the uniforms met practical needs. New utility pockets are one of several functional enhancements based on staff input. The airline held multiple trial fittings across its facilities to guarantee a perfect fit for all employees.

Continuation of Safety Initiatives

This uniform upgrade follows improvements made in safety footwear in May 2023. Korean Air staff had the opportunity to select their preferred safety shoes, which complement the latest effort to enhance employee safety and style.

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