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SAS Eurobonus Travelers Set Off On First “Destination Unknown” Flight

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Today marks a milestone for SAS EuroBonus members as SAS sets off with 180 passengers and crew onboard, starting the first “Destination Unknown” flight.

Earlier this year, SAS introduced “Destination Unknown,” a departure from traditional travel norms. The airline invited adventurous travelers to embrace spontaneity and the allure of the unknown on their journey. The concept generated massive interest. More than 1000 EuroBonus members joined within minutes of hearing about it. In the end, 6070 members signed up before it closed.

Seats on this unique flight, departing today, April 5, at 09:25 AM from Copenhagen and returning on April 8, were sold exclusively to EuroBonus members, with bookings made using points only. Additionally, SAS reserved six seats for a competition, which attracted over 20,000 entries.

SAS treated passengers to special goodie bags for the journey to “wherever.” These will make good mementos of a unique flying experience.

The airline wants to shake up travel by exploring the unknown, appealing to the adventurous spirit of modern travelers yearning for fresh experiences, and presenting their loyal members with innovative avenues for embarking on memorable journeys.

SAS Innovating Travel With Destination Unknown Flight

“The launch of “Destination Unknown” underscores SAS’ commitment to innovation and customer-centric offerings in the post-pandemic era. With “Destination Unknown” we’re offering our members an opportunity to embark on a journey of discovery, forging new trends and setting a new travel standard,” says Paul Verhagen EVP & Chief Commercial Officer at SAS.

“The big interest in this concept has inspired us to consider integrating it into future travel offerings, highlighting the importance of innovation in today’s travel landscape. To many travelers it’s not just the destination, but also the journey that matters,” Verhagen continues.

As the flight progresses towards its mystery destination today, SAS invites travelers to join the conversation and follow the journey on social media using the hashtag #flysas.

The Destination Unknown tickets are all so-called biofuel tickets. Read more about SAS biofuel tickets here:


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