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New Lufthansa Business Class Menu Introduces Signature Avionic Apéritif

Lufthansa is enhancing its onboard experience, particularly in Business Class on long-haul flights, by introducing new culinary highlights to its passenger amenities.

Heiko Reitz, Chief Commercial Officer of Lufthansa Airlines, explains: “The entire Lufthansa team is proud to present our new Business Class experience. Our culinary highlights, the celebration of German bread culture, and the collaboration with traditional brands such as Ziegler for the new Lufthansa Aperitif Avionic underline the timeless elegance of our brand. The other new products that we will soon be introducing in various travel classes are further steps towards our goal of creating a whole new level of excitement for our guests.”

German Bread Culture

Bread holds remarkable significance in German culture, with a decade-long recognition as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. Reflecting this heritage, Germany’s flagship airline, Lufthansa, now treats its Business Class passengers on long-haul flights to a unique bread experience. Acclaimed World Baker of the Year 2022, Axel Schmitt, prepares this exclusive bread by hand. It contains no preservatives and comes with artisanal butter and premium olive oil. Every quarter, passengers can savor a new bread selection that is available only on Lufthansa flights departing from Germany.

Avionic Apéritif

Lufthansa has introduced new in-flight service enhancements for Business Class on its long-haul flights. In addition to water and sparkling wine, they will now serve a new signature welcome drink called Avionic, along with nuts. Ziegler Distillery partnered with Lufthansa to create this unique beverage. Celebrated bartender Sven Riebel from Frankfurt crafted the Avionic Apéritif, which blends peach and wild meadow herbs. Flight attendants will serve it over ice with tonic.

The Amuse-Bouche

Lufthansa Business Class has updated its offerings with a vegetarian amuse-bouche menu, showcasing dishes like antipasti and sushi. Alongside this, the dessert menu now features fresh fruit. Depending on the flight’s duration and time, passengers can choose from a new, modular snack selection that includes fruit, skewers, wraps, and sweet treats. Starting in June, every guest will also get a special Lufthansa-branded box of Lindt chocolates as a farewell gift, enhancing the service experience from the moment of boarding through to departure.

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