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Iberia Opens New Experience Space In Heart Of Madrid’s Gran Vía

The Espacio Iberia is set in an 1100sqm space, distributed over two floors, located at Gran Vía 48.

Tomorrow marks the third annual opening of the Espacio Iberia at Gran Vía 48 in Madrid. Spanning 1,100 sqm across two floors, the space welcomes Iberia’s customers and the public to explore the airline’s offerings.

Highlights include experiencing virtual reality flight, a historical display of one of its first planes, and learning about the services aboard the new A350 in its three cabin classes. There will also be various tastings featuring wines, beers, coffees, and more from Iberia’s destinations, alongside activities and events as part of the Talento a Bordo program.

  • Iberia customers and the general public can enjoy the onboard experience on the capital’s Gran Via until 31 July, from Monday to Sunday, 12 noon to 9 pm.
  • Visitors will be able to learn about the airline’s innovation initiatives and enjoy the VR experience with the new Apple Vision Pro.
  • The Espacio recreates one of the airline’s first airplanes, where visitors can take a trip to the past.
  • In addition, they will be able to fly to Iberia’s most significant airports thanks to the flight simulator, along with an instructor.
  • Visitors can sample the onboard experience on an A350 and try the meals offered in the Business, Premium Economy, and Economy cabins.
  • They will learn about Iberia’s commitment to sustainability through fleet renewal and using sustainable fuels.
  • The activities and events organized include showcasing and tastings of wine, beer, coffee, and other products from the destinations to which Iberia flies.

The Espacio Iberia has emerged as a key attraction on Madrid’s primary commercial street, providing information in Spanish, English, and Japanese. This is in anticipation of Iberia’s direct flights to Tokyo starting October 27.

The activities are free and available from 12 noon to 9 pm daily, including holidays.

A Space for Innovation

The latest Espacio Iberia offers a groundbreaking new virtual reality experience using the Apple Vision Pro. This immersive feature blends the physical and virtual worlds, providing visitors with a chance to explore an airplane engine’s assembly and disassembly in detail.

Meta’s Oculus Quest VR glasses give guests at Espacio Iberia access to a new virtual space in the metaverse created by the airline Iberia. This platform offers an informative and immersive experience to learn about the airline and simulate travel on Iberia’s A350 aircraft.

Visitors can discover My Iberia, a new platform for managing travel, and the biometric boarding service that enables boarding with facial recognition without showing documents.

Commitment to Sustainability

Iberia is advancing sustainability by integrating A350 and A320 aircraft to cut flight emissions by 35%, aiming for net-zero emissions by 2050 through sustainable fuels, efficient waste management on board, and adopting principles of digitalization and the circular economy. Espacio Iberia further exemplifies this commitment by operating on 100% renewable energy, incorporating 5G technology, and using video analytics for crowd monitoring and heat mapping.

A Trip to the Past

Espacio Iberia has introduced an exhibit featuring a replica of its first commercial aircraft from 1927, the Rohrbach Roland. Visitors can enter the cabin and experience vintage air travel, complete with period costumes and a video souvenir.

Visitors have the opportunity to experience being a pilot. They’ll find a flight simulator that takes flight to key Iberia network airports like Madrid, London, Paris, and others. They will have a 10-minute session with an instructor.

Business Experience in the Middle of the Gran Vía

At the Espacio Iberia event, a New Generation A350 aircraft cabin has been reconstructed, showcasing its Business, Premium Economy, and Economy seats. This setup provides visitors with an authentic Iberia flight experience without leaving the ground.

Passengers can enjoy in-flight meals made by DO&CO, featuring high-quality, seasonal local ingredients inspired by the Mediterranean diet, all while relaxing in comfortable seating at 30,000 feet.

Showcooking, Wine, Beer, and Coffee Tastings, and Products from Iberia’s Destinations

Iberia is showcasing an impressive wine selection from Spanish regions on its flights. In the coming weeks, the airline will offer specialized tastings at the Espacio Iberia, featuring a sommelier for wine enthusiasts, a brewer for beer aficionados, and a coffee expert for coffee lovers.

Visitors can enjoy tastings this year, including Puerto Rican rum, honoring 75 years of Iberia flying to Puerto Rico. Additionally, Iberia’s catering service, DO&CO, will conduct show cooking sessions to demonstrate the preparation of in-flight menus.

All these activities must be booked in advance on since capacity is limited.

Premium Lounge

Iberia Plus Platinum, Infinita, and Infinita Prime members, along with passengers in long-haul Business class, will have access to the Premium Lounge at the new Espacio Iberia. This lounge offers a restful space with a view of Madrid’s Gran Vía and provides refreshments, including tapas, aperitifs, wines, beer, coffee, and cocktails.

Non-Iberia Plus members can sign up in the Iberia Space to win up to 30,000 Avios in a draw. There’s also a dedicated area for buying tickets and handling bookings, offering exclusive discounts.

The Espacio Iberia Store

Visitors to Espacio Iberia can buy iconic airline merchandise, including aircraft models, vintage posters, Las Meninas shakers, and Teresa Helbig’s red uniform bag.

Talent on Board

Iberia’s Talento a Bordo program features permanent and temporary exhibitions promoting Spanish talent globally. Espacio Iberia will host a range of events in the coming months. These include a workshop with Joaquín Reyes and Ernesto Sevilla, talks with podcast creators Isa Calderón and Lucía Lijtmaer, conversations with fashion figures Cristina Mañana and María Escote, and discussion with the team behind C. Tangana’s music. Details about these activities are available on the website.


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