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Inside American Airlines’ Sparkling New Interiors & Experience Upgrades

  • A closer look at American Airline’s Future Cabin Interiors
  • American launches airline’s first-ever rotating collection of premium onboard amenities and new bedding.
  • Throughout the year, new inflight amenities will feature diverse designers and brands, sustainably sourced materials, and causes important to America and its customers.
  • Customers can indulge in fresh entrees inspired by popular American Airlines destinations across all domestic and international flights.
  • AAdvantage® members can continue to earn or use miles for flights with these premium experiences.

American Airlines is enhancing the inflight experience for travelers by introducing premium onboard upgrades. These improvements include new amenity kits, better bedding, and a variety of new dishes. Additionally, passengers can look forward to an even more luxurious experience with the upcoming introduction of the new Flagship Suite® seats.

Video Tour Of American Airlines Future Cabins

American Airlines Reveals Elegant New Aircraft Interiors

New Flagship Suite Experience

American Airlines’ upcoming Boeing 787-9, 777-300, and Airbus A321XLR aircraft will offer an improved experience by introducing the new Flagship® Suite seat. The Premium Economy and Main Cabin sections will also be updated with refreshed seats and amenities.

American’s Flagship Suite® seat offers passengers a luxurious travel experience with enhanced comfort and convenience. Key features include wireless charging, Bluetooth connectivity, various storage options, lie-flat seats, and direct-aisle access. The upgraded design incorporates privacy doors and lets passengers relax in a chaise lounge position, providing a highly personalized flying experience.

American Airlines Flagship® Suite Preferred seat

American Airlines is introducing the Flagship Suite® Preferred seat on their new Boeing 787-9 and retrofitted 777-300 aircraft, which provides a luxurious experience with more space, several storage areas, and exclusive amenities, including a Nest Bedding® mattress pad and pajamas. Premium Economy passengers will benefit from new features like wireless charging and privacy headrest wings, while the Main Cabin offers 4K seatback screens and multiple charging ports. All travelers can enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi and a wide selection of complimentary entertainment options.

A Rotation of Stylish New Amenities and More

The new program will launch on Memorial Day weekend, including Flagship® First Class, Flagship® Business Class, and Premium Economy cabins on over 300 international and transcontinental flights.

“We thoughtfully curate each element of the onboard experience so every customer can look forward to the time they spend in flight,” said Kim Cisek, American’s Vice President of Customer Experience. “Part of the magic of travel is connecting our customers to the people and experiences that matter most to them. We’re taking that concept to the skies by introducing a new, dynamic onboard program that’s inspired by feedback from our customers and team members.”

American has launched a dynamic program, partnering with various brands for premium cabin customers. The program promises an annually evolving bedding collection and a rotating selection of amenity kits that will include popular in-flight essentials and new skincare products. The skincare items are specially curated in collaboration with Thirteen Lune, featuring prominent brands focusing on diversity, such as Joanna Vargas and Relevant. The initiative aims to enhance the flight experience with periodic updates based on customer feedback.

American Airlines Amenity Kit Program Fact Sheet

Limited-edition kits

American Airlines is introducing rotating products in their kits and limited-edition specialty kits made in partnership with various U.S.-based designers and brands. These specialty kits celebrate milestones and initiatives representing the values and diversity of the airline’s customers and team members. The release of these limited-edition kits is planned for the upcoming months and years.

The new amenity program begins with an introductory Thirteen Lune specialty kit for customers. Initially, it will be available to premium cabin passengers for the first weeks. After that, all customers will receive the primary amenity kit for the remainder of the summer.

Specialty kits featuring various brands will be available for a limited period in Flagship® First Class, Flagship® Business Class, and Premium Economy on eligible flights. Passengers can learn about the brands included in the kits by scanning a QR code inside.

Elevated Bedding Inspired by Customer Feedback

American Airlines is enhancing the onboard experience in Flagship® First Class and Flagship® Business Class by introducing new bedding, pillows, and sleepwear. Their research indicated that 75% of travelers prefer dual-sided pillows, which have been incorporated into their updated amenities. One side features cool touch fabric, and the other side is traditional fabric.

International Flagship® First Class passengers will still receive pajamas, as per 80% customer preference. Flagship® Business Class travelers will now get slippers on all international flights, not just ultra-long-haul ones.

American Airlines is improving its in-flight comfort by offering passengers in all seats, including Premium Economy and Main Cabin, an improved bedding experience. This includes items like lumbar pillows, throw blankets, premium duvets, and fleece blankets sourced from top brands. In partnership with John Horsfall, American Airlines has developed eco-friendly bedding from the Re-Thread® collection made with recycled materials.

Bedding in Transcontinental Flagship® Business Class

American Airlines has introduced eco-friendly bedding made with recycled fibers for their flights. This sustainable initiative extends to the distribution method, where passengers in premium cabins receive their bedding in reusable bags instead of single-use plastic, saving an estimated 25 tons of plastic waste annually.

Fact Sheet: American Airlines Bedding And Sleepwear

New dining menus soar within the U.S. and beyond

American Airlines has introduced new menus with various flavors inspired by its international destinations. Business class passengers on flights to places like Nice, Naples, and Copenhagen can enjoy dishes such as macadamia-crusted sea bass and pan-roasted chicken. More options, including tortellini pasta and a pre-order service, will be available this spring.

Europe-Bound Business Class Menu

Customers traveling from Europe in business class can choose to indulge in menu items like chili marinated chicken with mojo verde sauce, sweet potato mash, roasted corn, and mini chili or gnocchi duet with plain and beetroot gnocchi, lentil ragout, apple chutney, brown butter, roasted spring onion, and sliced green onion.

Domestic First-Class Menu

Customers traveling first-class domestically can also discover new offerings on their journey. They can enjoy shawarma-seasoned grilled chicken, three-cheese sacchetti pasta, chicken enchiladas, or a plant-based stuffed red pepper. Customers can also choose from new pre-order options, including short rib mac and cheese.

Premium Cabin Treats

These new premium cabin options will offer a range of diverse culinary creations and award-winning wines. For AAdvantage® members, miles and status can help unlock access to these premium inflight experiences.

AAdvantage makes travel better

For AAdvantage® members, using miles can help unlock access to upgrade into these enhanced premium experiences, including new inflight amenities, sleepwear, bedding, and dining options.

Status members may also receive complimentary upgrades, enhancing their premium travel experience.

The program rewards members for the time they spend with American, and provides them with rewards and benefits. New in time for summer, members traveling on tickets purchased with miles can now receive upgrade offers to buy into a higher cabin via or a mobile app when traveling within the contiguous U.S.

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