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Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Gets Faster Security Scanners

Anticipating a 10% rise in holiday travelers for the upcoming May holidays, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has invested in faster security scanners.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
Nederland, Schiphol, 10-10-2019, Fotografie voor Schiphol in de herfst, PHOTO AND COPYRIGHT ROGER CREMERS

10% More Travelers At Amsterdam Schiphol During May Holiday

During the 2024 May holiday starting on April 26, Schiphol Airport expects an average of 70,000 travelers per day, representing a nearly 10% increase from the previous year. The daily number of departing travelers could exceed 80,000 at the beginning of the holiday.

As observed last year, Spain, Great Britain, and Italy are the top destinations for travelers this holiday. Schiphol is conducting an information campaign to help travelers, and new advanced security scanners will be used at the airport during the holiday period.

During holidays like the May holiday, airports experience high traffic, leading to increased waiting times at check-in, security, and passport control. Similarly, high volumes of returning travelers can cause delays at passport control. However, airport staff strive to ensure a smooth process for all travelers.

Tips for travelers at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Schiphol Airport advises travelers to prepare thoroughly for their travels by providing an information campaign with tips on clothing and how to pack hand baggage efficiently. The Schiphol website and app also offer essential details about check-in times, departure hall locations, and the waiting times at security checks.

How To Speed Through To Your Flight At Amsterdam Schiphol:

  • Arrive at the airport on time. The airport advises that travelers keep to the time indicated by their airline. Generally, that means 2 hours before departure for European flights and 3 hours before departure for intercontinental flights.
  • Book a time slot for the security check as early as three days before departure. You can also reserve a time slot using the Schiphol app.
  • You can check in for your flight at home. Most airlines allow you to check in online, and then you only have to hand in your baggage at Schiphol Airport.
  • Travelers flying with KLM, Transavia, and TUI can drop off their bags and check in at P3.
  • You can go through the security check faster. Schiphol used 3D CT scanners, which means travelers do not need to remove electronics, like laptops and phones, from their hand baggage.
  • Remember that the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee has additional rules and checks for travelers with minors.
  • Check the validity of your passport. Are you 14 years old or older? If so, you can use the self-service passport control to save time.

New security scanners at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

Schiphol Airport has upgraded its security measures by replacing all 53 departure scanners with faster models. The main focus in acquiring these new scanners was safety and comfort for travelers and security employees. These advanced scanners can detect prohibited items within 3 seconds, streamlining the process and reducing the need for manual searches while upholding stringent security standards.

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Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Gets Faster Security Scanners

Anticipating a 10% rise in holiday travelers for the upcoming May holidays, Amsterdam Schiphol Airpo…

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