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Inside The New Elegant & Flexible Lufthansa Allegris Airbus A350 Cabins

Lufthansa is launching a new travel experience called “Lufthansa Allegris” for its long-haul routes, offering enhanced products across all classes—Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First Class. The venture includes introducing First Class in the Airbus A350s starting in 2024. This initiative, representing the largest product and service upgrade in Lufthansa Group’s history, involves an investment of 2.5 billion euros by 2025, aiming to elevate customer travel experiences.

Lufthansa’s New Airbus A350 First Class Suite

Lufthansa is enhancing its First Class service by introducing the “Suite Plus,” which features a private double cabin with high walls, a lockable door, a large table, and two wide seats that convert into a double bed. This upgrade aims to elevate the standard of luxury and privacy.

The First Class Suite offers unmatched features, including temperature-adjustable seats nearly one meter wide, connectivity for personal mobile devices to the entertainment system, and a suite wardrobe providing ample storage space for travelers to change comfortably and keep their belongings close.

Service at the highest level also awaits: The crew serves the gourmet menu at a time requested by the guests. The meal can be enjoyed in the private suites at the large First Class table, similar to a restaurant.

Explore the Premier Features of the New Lufthansa Allegris First Class

The suites are equipped with personal wardrobes, large dining tables, screens that span the full width of the suite, seats that are both heated and cooled, deep shoulder sinks, and a wireless charging module.

“Every guest has their own understanding of premium, which is why we focus on maximum individuality and exclusivity. The First Class Suite Plus conveys the feeling of privacy and individuality similar to a hotel room – only at an altitude of eleven kilometers.”

Jens Ritter, CEO Lufthansa Airlines

PriestmanGoode Behind The Design Of Allegris

PriestmanGoode is a top-tier design studio specializing in transportation, with expertise in various sectors such as aviation, rail, and autonomous vehicles. They focus on industrial and vehicle design, branding, interiors, and customer experiences, always committed to sustainability. The studio has a long-standing partnership of 23 years with the Lufthansa Group, completing over 25 major seating and cabin projects for various airlines within the group.

Design process for Allegris

A team of five designers from PG collaborated closely with the Lufthansa Group to create the Allegris suite, a bespoke suite designed for Lufthansa’s A350 fleet, marking the introduction of a First Class cabin in this aircraft type. The project benefited from advanced technologies, including CGI and VR, which aid in decision-making processes. Significant innovations include a Double Suite that redefines luxury in air travel with amenities like passenger-controlled seat temperature, enhanced privacy, and a homely aesthetic. Challenges overcome during the design process included engineering a double suite with single access and ensuring high privacy walls met A350 certification requirements.

Business Class: Unmatched Flexibility

Lufthansa has introduced a new suite in Business Class that provides enhanced comfort and privacy with chest-high walls and sliding doors. The suite features a large, up to 27-inch monitor and has ample storage, offering passengers in the front rows an upgraded travel experience.

Each business class suite features a wardrobe and a personal minibar. Two suites can be interconnected to enhance travel companions’ privacy.

“Allegris” offers Business Class guests enhanced seating options. Travelers can choose seats with an extra-long bed, additional space and work area, a baby bassinet, or an exclusive window seat. There’s also an option for a double seat that can be transformed into a reclining area for two by retracting the center console.

Elevated seat walls and ample shoulder room ensure enhanced privacy across all seating options.

Business class seats on this airline can be converted into two-meter-long beds and are equipped with 4K high-definition screens, large dining tables, wireless charging, noise-canceling headphones, and Bluetooth connectivity. Each seat features a heating and cooling system, a shoulder sink-in for side sleeping, and a tablet-sized control unit for managing seating, lighting, heating, cooling, and entertainment. Every seat has direct aisle access.

Key Features of the Lufthansa Allegris Premier Business Class

The suite offers five seat options, featuring an extra-long bed and options for more personal space or a double seat. It has heated and cooled seats, a shoulder sink-in feature, a wireless charging module, and a personal minibar. Guests can connect their devices to the entertainment system via Bluetooth.

In-Depth Look at Five Premier Business Class Seating Choices

Discover the top comfort and advanced features of Lufthansa’s five Business Class seating options. Each option caters to travelers who appreciate luxury and convenience high in the sky. Choose from fully reclining seats to private suites, all crafted to improve your journey. Whether it’s a business trip or for leisure, these seating options embody high-class travel.

  1. Suites in the first row. Double suite inside, single suites by the window.
  2. Extra-Space Seat: Unique, spacious single seat with extra work surface.
  3. Window seat with a high degree of privacy.
  4. Seat with an extra long bed (2.20 meters).
  5. Classic Business Class Seat: The aisle is directly accessible from all seats.

 Three companies produce the “Allegris” business class seats: Stelia (France), Collins (USA) and Thompson (UK).

Pearson Lloyd Design Of Lufthansa’s New Business Class

Pearson Lloyd collaborated with Lufthansa to radically transform the business class experience, introducing the Allegris model. This new concept emerged from extensive research, including global industry reviews, passenger interviews, and creative workshops. As a result, innovative, flexible cabin designs incorporating multiple seat types accommodate a diverse range of traveler needs.

A standout feature of the Allegris business class is its user-oriented design, providing many amenities to enhance travel experiences. These include all-aisle access, individual entertainment systems, personal storage, and the latest technological connectivity.

The Allegris project represents a significant evolution in business class travel. It offers personalized, adaptable seating options tailored to a wide variety of user requirements, promoting not just comfort but a holistic travel experience. Pearson Lloyd’s approach ensures each seat design is meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of different aircraft types. This comprehensive perspective enhances passenger comfort and optimizes cabin layout and material use, highlighting a future-focused vision for business travel.

Premium Economy Class

SWISS was the First Lufthansa Group airline to launch this new Premium Economy Class in spring 2022.

The “Allegris” seat in Premium Economy Class features enhanced legroom, a fold-out leg rest, and an adjustable back within a hard shell that allows reclining without disturbing passengers behind you. The table and monitor remain fixed and accessible, even if the passenger in front reclines. Passengers will also receive a sustainable travel amenity kit.

New Premium Economy Class

Experience next-level comfort with cutting-edge hardshell seat design. It provides ample space and features an impressive seat pitch of 99 centimeters. Enjoy the convenience of wireless charging for mobile devices, integrated discreetly into your personal center armrest. Immerse yourself in tranquility with premium noise-canceling headphones.

ZIMPrivacy Premium Economy Seating

The ZIM privacy seat enhances passenger comfort and privacy by offering more living space and a sense of personal enclosure. It features a fixed seat back with a mechanical recline system that supports healthier sitting positions and better blood circulation. Despite its added features, the seat has an ultra-slim center console, allowing it to be installed at the same density as traditional premium economy seats.

Key Features

  • Fixed backrest shell with maximum privacy
  • Large high-strength table
  • Z-Cline mechanical articulation system
  • Personal belonging storages
  • Leg rest
  • Literature pocket
  • Coat hook
  • Privacy divider
  • Cocktail table
  • Water bottle holder
  • Enclosed accessible aisle-side armrest
  • AC / USB integration
  • Reading light
  • 2-pin and single-pin audio jack


  • 5.6-inch monitor
  • Wireless charging
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Comfort seat belt
  • Ambient lighting
  • Footrest
  • PED holder

New Lufthansa Allegris Airbus A350 Economy Class

Abundant Space, Expanded Choices

With the new “Allegris” product generation, Lufthansa is also giving its guests significantly more choice in Economy Class. In the future, travelers can book additional seats in the first rows, offering more legroom or a free seat next to you.

Key Features of the New Allegris Economy Class

Economy Class offers a seat pitch of 79 centimeters, with enhancements such as tablet holders and USB ports. The front rows provide extra comfort with an 86-centimeter seat pitch. There is also an option to book a free seat next to you.

The RECARO CL3810, an economy class seat ordered by Lufthansa for its 24,000 passengers, is known for its comfort characteristics. It has features like additional living space, premium cushions, and ergonomic technology, all within a modular design that simplifies maintenance and reduces costs. Notably, it is 15% lighter than previous models, supporting Lufthansa and RECARO’s commitment to decreasing carbon emissions in air travel.

“Allegris” Ushers in a New Fleet for Lufthansa Group

Lufthansa is expanding its fleet by adding over 80 new aircraft, including Boeing 787-9s, Airbus A350s, and Boeing 777-9s, under the banner “Allegris.” The airline will also upgrade existing aircraft like the Boeing 747-8. These improvements will enhance the travel experience in all classes, replacing more than 27,000 seats and underscoring Lufthansa’s commitment to premium quality. By 2025, the Lufthansa Group plans to invest 2.5 billion euros to enhance its products and services.

A Key Component of a Robust Sustainability Strategy

Lufthansa is expanding its fleet by adding more than 80 new aircraft, including Boeing 787-9s, Airbus A350s, and Boeing 777-9s, branded as “Allegris.” The airline will also upgrade existing aircraft like the Boeing 747-8. These updates will enhance the travel experience across all classes. Lufthansa plans to replace over 27,000 seats, demonstrating its commitment to premium quality. By 2025, the Lufthansa Group intends to invest 2.5 billion euros in product and service improvements.

Lufthansa Allegris Fact Sheet

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