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This Year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo Hosts +40 First-Time Exhibitors

AIX 2024 will host over 40 first-time exhibitors

Show organizers have revealed that over 40 new exhibitors will join this year’s event to debut innovative products and solutions at the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX). 

Aircraft interiors expo 2024

AIX, the leading global marketplace for the aviation industry, hosts a gathering of airlines, OEMs, suppliers, and designers to explore future cabin concepts.

The 2024 event will welcome back previous participants alongside 40 new suppliers such as ASE Aviation Services Europe GmbH, Sabena Technics, and WeSky. This highlights the expanding aircraft interiors market, which analysts expect to reach $36.4 billion by 2027. The growth stems from increased demands for premium economy seats, better in-flight entertainment, and sustainable materials.

See aircraft innovations up close

At a recent conference, Comi Aerospace, DAS, and PETER-LACKE GmbH unveiled their latest aircraft seating and cabin interiors innovations. Comi Aerospace launched the Vesta aircraft seats, focusing on design, comfort, and performance. Meanwhile, DAS has expanded its expertise from supplying automotive seats to major brands to crafting aircraft seating that focuses on comfort, safety, and lightweight design. PETER-LACKE GmbH is now implementing new technologies to improve aircraft cabin coatings and to make the application processes more efficient and sustainable.

At an upcoming event dedicated to sustainable mobility, Kordsa Teknik Tekstil A.Ş. will showcase their products, including flame retardant prepregs, Nomex cores, and honeycomb sandwich panels. Professional Plastics, Inc. will reveal new developments in their Pro-Mirror® and ProLens® lines, which include an aircraft-grade mirror and a high-optic lens designed to eliminate issues like rippling and distortion. They will also introduce ProMirror® 6565, a new laminate mirror that complies with OSU6565 standards.

All things IFEC

At this year’s IFEC Zone, UK-based satellite communications firm Hanwha Phasor will unveil its products. Attendees will experience the Phasor A7700, designed for commercial aviation to ensure continuous inflight passenger communication. Hanwha Phasor will also present the Phasor L3300B, targeting first responders, media, and government sectors.

Rosen Aviation will highlight their new in-seat audio system at AIX, PO-RT-AL (Personally Optimized – Real-Time – Augmented Luxury), suited for various aviation cabins. This advanced system features ultra-lightweight carbon-fiber OLED displays and introduces cutting-edge technologies like Li-Fi connectivity and personalized audio powered by Qualcomm processors. Rosen Aviation also plans to introduce a new line of 4K OLED seatback displays that range in size from 12.6” to 22″. These displays utilize a lightweight carbon fiber composite chassis to boost aircraft efficiency. Attendees who want to see the PO-RT-AL demo must schedule an appointment.

Newcomers to the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2024 include: 

  • FTS Technologies Co.
  • Lasker Cross Media GmbH
  • LXM Aero GmbH
  • Optimum Aero
  • Signature Plating
  • Skytec Aerospace
  • Stellar Group Pty Ltd
  • Titan Technology GmbH

Polly Magraw, Event Director of AIX said: “With the ever-changing industry it is crucial that new exhibitors bring their fresh and dynamic perspectives and innovations to the forefront. This year we are proud to have over 40 companies at the show for the first time this year – testament to our commitment to staying ahead of the curve and ensuring we always showcase the latest, cutting-edge innovations. From seating and materials to IFEC and on-board services, AIX serves as the most important place for the industry to share, network, and shape the future of the cabin.”

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