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Finnair Adds Winter Flights To Lapland And Norway

Finnair is expanding its operations by increasing flight numbers to key Northern destinations for the upcoming winter season. The airline will boost its weekly flights to Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland by adding 13 more, for a new total of 63 flights each week.

Finnair ATR
Finnair ATR

Finnair has strategically scheduled these extra flights on the week’s busiest travel days—Wednesday and the weekends. On peak Saturdays, flights to Rovaniemi will depart as frequently as every half hour.

Furthermore, Finnair continues to show its regional commitment by maintaining the flight route from Rovaniemi to Tromsø in Northern Norway. This service, which started in December 2023, operates six days a week and connects through Helsinki, enhancing convenience for travelers between these stunning locations.

Finnair is also raising its service levels to Trondheim, Norway, by offering six flights per week during the winter season. This expansion not only meets the growing travel demand but also strengthens Finnair’s position in the Scandinavian travel market.

“Last winter showed that interest in our northern destinations continues to grow. The additional frequencies serve especially well the European network and guarantee smooth daily connections to the north via Helsinki”, says Ole Orvér, Chief Commercial Officer of Finnair.  

The aviation industry designates its northern winter season from October to March, presenting travelers the exclusive opportunity to explore Lapland’s distinct attractions beyond just the traditional winter months, extending into late autumn and early spring. Finnair stands out as the singular airline providing year-round flights to Finnish Lapland.

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