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Porter Airlines Opens New Maintenance Base At Ottawa Airport As Part Of $125 Million Investment

Porter Aviation Holdings Inc. and the Ottawa International Airport Authority are celebrating the grand opening of two new aircraft hangars at Ottawa International Airport.

These hangars, with a combined size of 150,000 sq. ft., will service Porter’s fleet. The airline’s fleet includes up to 100 Embraer E195-E2s—with 33 currently operational—and 29 De Havilland Dash 8-400s.

The project also features the construction of a new taxiway and represents a $125 million investment in the airport. It has created 200 full-time jobs and fostered a strategic partnership with Algonquin College.

Porter Airlines is setting up a major maintenance base at Ottawa’s YOW airport and plans to hire 200 local employees, including 160 Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. This expansion will enhance aviation-related educational and training programs through a strategic partnership with Algonquin College.

Ottawa is a rapidly growing market for Porter, contributing significantly to its networks in Eastern and Western Canada. As the top carrier at YOW this summer, Porter will operate 16 non-stop routes and expects to serve around two million passengers at the airport in 2024.

The Ottawa International Airport Authority (OIAA) is investing $15 million in building Taxiway Romeo to support this development and accommodate potential future projects.

Foundation for Porter’s Future in Ottowa

“The investments we are making in the new aircraft hangars and local hiring are foundational to Porter’s future in Ottawa. Porter’s presence at YOW has grown significantly in the past year, with new non-stop routes using both our E195s and Dash 8s, and plans to add an E195-E2 crew base at the airport. Our partnership with Algonquin College is extremely valuable for both organizations, providing us with access to local talent and giving students career opportunities that are close to home. We are meaningfully investing in Canada’s Capital Region and see more growth in its future,” said Michael Deluce, CEO of PAHI.

“Porter Airlines’ commitment to YOW is transformational for Canada’s Capital Region, and the community will reap the economic and social benefits for decades. Today’s hangar opening celebration demonstrates how being an airline’s hub airport creates new levels of prosperity and connectivity,” said Mark Laroche, president and CEO of OIAA

“Thank you to the team at Porter Airlines for recognizing the enormous potential of Ottawa as the perfect place to expand their operations. More flights in and out of Ottawa is great news for our residents, entrepreneurs, tourists, and the economy,” said Mark Sutcliffe, mayor of Ottawa.

“Our collaboration with Porter Airlines is a cornerstone of our strategy to integrate industry-leading practices into our curriculum and provide our students with unmatched real-world experience. This partnership not only aligns with our mission to transform hopes and dreams into lifelong success but also enhances our contributions to the aviation industry,” said Claude Brulé, President of Algonquin College.

Sustainability Of Porter’s New Hangars

The hangars are designed and built with sustainability in mind, including the following features:

  • Electric vehicles tow and service aircraft; they also support ground operations.
  • The design exceeds current insulation, HVAC, lighting, and power systems standards.
  • Hangars feature Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) for superior insulation to standard metal siding.
  • The expected lifespan of hangars exceeds 60 years.
  • Construction includes about 35% recycled steel; materials are recyclable after hangar life ends.
  • Materials used reduce embodied carbon footprint by 28% compared to traditional tilt-up assemblies.
  • The hangars span 85.6 m (280 ft.) using prefabricated trusses, which reduce steel usage by 30% compared to conventional beams.
  • Fire protection dual systems in place: conventional sprinklers and an instantaneous foam deluge system.
  • Fire suppression systems are supported by a city hydrant and a 1.2 million-liter onsite underground water tank.
  • Stormwater is managed with two 173,000-litre underground tanks to alleviate city main stress and capture excess water.

Scott Associates Architects designed the hangars, and PCL Construction, together with Span Construction & Engineering, is the construction manager.

About the Ottawa International Airport Authority

OIAA manages, operates, and develops airport facilities and lands to support the economic growth of Canada’s Capital Region, generating more than $2.2 billion annually in total economic activity in Ottawa and Gatineau.

About Porter

Since its inception in 2006, Porter Airlines has aimed to enhance the economy air travel experience, offering a mix of genuine hospitality and distinctive style. Operating a fleet of Embraer E195-E2 and De Havilland Dash 8-400 aircraft, Porter connects a range of North American destinations from its base in Toronto, where it is also headquartered.

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