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AIX 2024: Soisa Reveals Sustainable Armrest Made From Corn

At the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Soisa Aircraft Interiors launched a revolutionary new ‘organic armrest’ made of corn particles. This development highlights the company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in the aerospace industry. Soisa expands its “From Waste to Wonder” program, which repurposes landfill materials into functional items for the community.

Soisa Organic Armrest Made From Corn

In 2023, Soisa made about 5,200 armrests for airlines. They used around 2,000 square feet of polyethylene foam, which resulted in nearly 2,600 kg of CO2 emissions each year. By switching to a biodegradable material made from corn waste, Soisa hopes to reduce its carbon footprint. This corn-based material might also lower costs and make manufacturing more efficient, benefiting customers and the environment.

Jacobo Mesta, Sales and Growth Strategy at Soisa, says: “As the aerospace industry intensifies its focus on sustainability practices, airlines worldwide are increasingly striving to minimise their environmental footprint. Soisa is at the forefront of this movement, pioneering engineering in aerospace by thinking outside the box and exploring alternatives which promote a sustainable future. 

“This innovative design not only highlights our commitment to environmental responsibility but also ensures that our products retain their aesthetic appeal, comfort, and high quality.”

SOISA is set to test and certify an organic armrest, marking its first step into biodegradable materials. This move aims to integrate sustainability across its product line and align with the Net Zero 2050 initiative. SOISA specializes in cabin upholstery, offering a range of products, including dress covers, cushions, and VIP seats. It serves prestigious airlines such as United Airlines, Emirates, and Singapore Airlines.

About Soisa

Soisa is an AS9100-certified aircraft upholstery specialist with facilities in Chihuahua, Mexico, and Dubai, UAE. Founded in 2006, the family-owned business offers design and manufacturing services, employing over 250 skilled workers. With the capability to produce over 45 shipsets per month, Soisa collaborates with major seat OEMs and supports over 100 airlines. The company also actively participates in community support through an ESG program.

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