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Mirus Hawk LR: Enhanced Comfort Economy Seat for Widebody Aircraft

Mirus Aircraft Seating, one of the fastest-growing aircraft seating OEMs, has launched the Hawk LR. This enhanced comfort economy seat is designed for high-density configuration widebody aircraft installation. It is a long-range version of the popular Hawk economy seat to fill a specific and growing market gap.

Mirus aircraft seat Hawk Long Range

The latest addition to the Mirus seats lineup, the Hawk LR, offers comfort for economy class in high-density wide-body aircraft. Set to deliver in Q1 2025 for Airbus A330s, the Hawk LR joins the Falcon and will comprise part of a series that includes a new Premium Economy seat in 2025. Designed for slimline elegance and comfort, the Hawk LR features advanced technical design, enhanced cushioning, a 4-way headrest, USB power, and bespoke dress covers.

Marcus Williams, Mirus’ Global Sales & Marketing Director, says: “At a time when the distinction between aircraft types and flight distances is becoming increasingly blurred, Hawk LR fills a specific and growing gap in the market for airlines looking to order new or re-fit their existing wide-body aircraft into high-density layouts capable of transporting a high number of passengers over relatively shorter distances.“With the first customer confirmed, initially for retrofit and then line fit in January 2026, we are excited to add this new derivative of our best-selling Hawk economy seat to our line-up.”

About Mirus Aircraft Seating

Mirus is a leading UK commercial aircraft seating manufacturer, combining automotive and aerospace technologies to create high-performance, elegantly designed seats. Known for its quick market delivery and generous warranty policy, Mirus collaborates with Airbus, TUI Group, and Air Asia. Visit: | LinkedIn: @MirusAircraftSeating | Twitter: @mirus_as

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