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Flying Fit: Norwegian Reports Double Profits in 2nd Quarter

Norwegian (NAS) has reported a doubling of profits in the second quarter of 2016 compared to the same period last year.

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Emirates and Boeing Partner for Epic UAV Destination Filming Project

Emirates and Boeing have partnered to sponsor ‘View from Above’ UAV aerial filming project which will span 18 destinations around the world.

Emirates describes the ‘View from Above’ project as “one of the largest aerial filming projects ever conducted using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).”

Filming took place in 18 destinations on five continents, including Emirates’ hub in Dubai and Boeing’s home in Seattle.

The Finnair A350 greeted by Press at the gate, © 2015 FCMedia
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The Light Fantastic: Inside the New Finnair A350

During my tour of the new Finnair A350 from Hamburg to Helsinki, I was especially struck by the capitalisation on light against a neutral canvas. It’s easy to see the light gains from the A350’s larger windows. Add to that Finnair’s mood lighting, with glowing effects programmed into a cool Northern Lights display and a Warm Asia theme, add the opalescent effect of the aircraft’s light grey-white structures, and the Finnair A350 interior positively glows.