First the World Cup, Now Drones Cause Trouble For the Tour de France

An eager fan wanting to see a bit of World Cup action caused controversy with Team France–and now the Tour de France is plagued by its own drone troubles. Peloton Magazine, sent this Tweet showing a drone filming the cars carrying […]

You Are Now Free to Move About the Stratosphere

We’re waiting for updates on the planned launch next year of the Virgin Galactic service, but a breathtaking design by the brilliant team at Priestmangoode can get us up in space in style–at a lower price and with a smoother ride. I’ve previously covered […]

Drone Lights, Drone Cameras, Drone Action

I recently reported on the FAA’s announcement that it will review petitions by the Motion Picture Association of America for the use of UASs for film and television. But specialised drones can light the scenes those camera drones film. sUAS News reports […]

Making Sure Airplanes Don’t Disappear is Not Science Fiction, IATA’s Tony Tyler Says

In his State of the Industry address to the IATA Annual General Meeting (AGM) today, Tony Tyler, IATA’s Director General and CEO said, when referring to systems which would, among other safety improvements, prevent another MH370: “This is not science fiction.” […]

Beyond Cute: Google’s New Self-Driving Buggy is Poised to Improve Mobility for the Elderly and Disabled

This is not a post about aviation or aerospace, which is a bit of a departure from my usual topics on Flight Chic, but let me step away from the clouds and hit the roads. Today, we’ve seen a massive […]

As AT&T Makes Moves for DirecTV, Did Connected IFE Just Get a Whole Lot More Entertaining?

UPDATE:…And now this is a thing. Yesterday, financial news teased us with “informed” rumours that AT&T may acquire DirecTV.  Obviously, this acquisition, should it happen, has significant implications for the US communications and cable/satellite TV markets.  But could it also have […]

Oh My Geeky Aunt! The Scandal Behind the #AvGeek Scandal

When reading up on what many agreed was an inappropriate post by Chris Clark on Air Facts about the “damage” the use of the hashtag AvGeek is doing to Aviation, the phrase storm in a teacup comes to mind, except the real […]

Remembering Challenger

It’s impossible to exaggerate the excitement the Space Shuttle launches generated during my youth.  I was fortunate enough to live in Florida at the time, so I could step outside and wonder at the white cloud trail the shuttle left […]

Better to Have Roved and Lost Than Never to Have Roved at All

If you read my Spaced-Out post on December 15, 2013 then you already know that I am a space junkie.  This passion for the stars has been with me since childhood and has significantly contributed to my secret obsession with […]