95 Years of Qantas Uniforms as Worn by Barbie and Ken

As part of its 95 years celebrations, Qantas has launched a four-week pop-up exhibition at its Sydney Qantas Club of Barbie and Ken dolls donning crew uniforms from the 1920s to present day. The dolls showcase the changing fashions which […]

Get to Know the Author of Jetliner Cabins, Which Covers Aircraft Interiors from ‘A’ to ‘Suite’

A Class Above The best way to have perspective on the very subjective topic of aircraft interiors design is to read the only authoritative book written on the subject, which features facts on the developments in onboard products  from the 70s right up to today.

Eastern Air Lines: Timeline for a Legend Relaunched

Today was a very exciting day for Miami aviation, with the official relaunch of iconic Eastern Air Lines at its base in Miami International Airport.

A Turbulence-Free Ascent

It’s exactly one year to the day since I started sharing insights into all manner of things aviation and aerospace with you here on Flight Chic.  I’m honoured to say that, with your support, it’s been a smooth take-off. I’m […]

An Ode to Walter D. Teague, the Father of US Industrial Design

I was very excited when I learned of the Kickstarter project to document the life of American designer Walter Dorwin Teague, to whom aviation (only one of many industries touched by his artful hand) owes a great debt of gratitude. […]

Red Rapture: Virgin Atlantic Goes Atomic, I’m Old(er) & Did The LEGO Pilot Just Reveal His Secret Identity?

Virgin Atlantic celebrated the debut of its new Vivienne Westwood designed crew uniform, with what looks like it must have been a really fun launch party. The uniforms are nice–Virgin Atlantic’s uniforms have always been nice.  These have what is […]

The Ultimate #AvGeek Home is Finally Here!

Thanks to Urban Office Architecture of New York City, #AvGeeks can now have the home of their dreams–inspired by airplane parts. This luxury home is an architectural masterpiece, modern, spacious, state-of-the-art and flooded in light with lots of sky views. […]

First Class is Dead, Long Live First-uh-Business-um-First Class!

The end of First Class is nigh—mebeh. Speak to enough industry folks and there is general agreement that the section of the cabin allocated to First is shrinking to oblivion.  In fact, this is nothing new.  We’ve predicted the end […]

More than a Hobbit for Safety: Air New Zealand Reminds us how to don our Mae West

Count on David Flynn from Australian Business Traveller Magazine to bring us the hottest stories this winter (or more accurately summer); featuring an “inside look” at a sizzling new Safety Video from Air New Zealand.  Read his superb article for […]