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WestJet’s Peanuts Are Honey-Roasted–And That’s A Very Good Thing

  • 7 min read

As far as I know, WestJet have yet to serve honey-roasted peanuts on their flights.  I’m not talking about the snack, though.  I’m talking about their product strategy. Flight Chic readers will know than when I talk peanuts, I mean the Peanuts–those sometimes-feisty, always-interesting rebels: the Low-Cost Carriers. I have… 

Airlines: Is a Customer Service Mindset at Odds With a Social Media Culture?

  • 14 min read

One of the quietly most controversial topics of discussion at this year’s SITA IT Summit in Brussels was the difference of opinion between Eash Sundaram, Executive Vice President and CIO of JetBlue Airways and Susana Brown, Managing Director-Operations Technologies at American Airlines on each airline’s Social Media strategy. This was in… 

Forget #PaxEx: Here’s What the Market Wants from Airlines

  • 7 min read

We often discuss why airlines make perplexing decisions in favour of unbundled fares and aircraft configurations.  The Peanuts posts are entirely dedicated to the topic of the airlines’ quest for profitability is a sin and the various airlines’ decisions on how to package their products. Some get it right.  Other’s insist on… 

As AT&T Makes Moves for DirecTV, Did Connected IFE Just Get a Whole Lot More Entertaining?

  • 4 min read

UPDATE:…And now this is a thing. Yesterday, financial news teased us with “informed” rumours that AT&T may acquire DirecTV.  Obviously, this acquisition, should it happen, has significant implications for the US communications and cable/satellite TV markets.  But could it also have implications for the skies? At the beginning of this month,… 

The Final Frontier: Three Quick Aviation Facts to Help Perplexed Passengers Get Into the Spirit of Things, A Peanuts Adventure

  • 9 min read

When Frontier Airlines announced yesterday that it would unbundle its pricing, lowering fares and charging extra for everything else, news spread that Frontier had finally caved in and chosen the Ultra Low-Cost Model of Spirit Airways. Like that’s a bad thing. Many have bemoaned this decision by Frontier, and I’m… 

Finnair Blows a Cold Wind on Investors and Employees

  • 7 min read

Finnair Cabin Attendant.  Image Finnair. While all the attention today in european aviation was drawn to the carefully choreographed strike by German airport employees (which resulted in the cancellation of 600 Lufthansa flights), Finnair has made some chilling announcements about its own employees; followed in short order by a call to investors… 

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