U.S. Congressman Peter DeFazio Earned Over $882,000 from Opposition to NAI, Says Norwegian

Norwegian has issued a letter to Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc, thanking her for her actions thus far intervening in the matter of delayed USDOT approvals for NAI and NUK, the airline group says U.S. Congressman Peter DeFazio earned over $882,000 from the unions oposing approval of NAI’s transatlantic operations, citing “publically available information.”

Norwegian Prepares for a Hot Summer with Cool Deals

Norwegian says it expects to set British summer records with more than 1.3 million passengers on its 560 low-cost flights per week to America and on European routes.

The airline is now the third-largest carrier serving Gatwick and also flies out of Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

Flying Fit: Norwegian Reports Double Profits in 2nd Quarter

Norwegian (NAS) has reported a doubling of profits in the second quarter of 2016 compared to the same period last year.

Norwegian Opts for 30 Airbus A321LR Planes

Norwegian orders 30 A321LR (Long Range) aircraft.

Norwegian has announced that its subsidiary, Arctic Aviation Assets Ltd (AAA), has placed an order for 30 Airbus A321LR (Long Range) aircraft, due to begin deliveries when the aircraft type enters service in 2019.

Norwegian Signs $13 million Deal for First-Ever U.S. Charter Service

In a deal worth 120 MNOK (£10million/$13million), Norwegian has announced the launch of its first-ever US charter service through new partnerships with Apple Vacations and Fanjet Vacations.
The airline will operate more than 600 flights on routes from Milwaukee and Chicago Mexico and the Caribbean from December 2016 to April 2017, which helps the airline better utilise its aircraft during the European low travel season.

easyJet CEO Reflects on Long Term Impact of Brexit, Ryanair Reacts

Speaking during the A4E CEO Summit in Brussels on Tuesday, easyJet CEO, Carolyn McCall, shared her views on the impact to the airline industry and on air travellers of the recent vote in favour of Britain leaving the European Union.

McCall spoke both as the CEO of the British Low-Cost carrier, and as a member of the Airlines for Europe (A4E) airline association. A4E’s members serve 60% of Europe’s air travellers.

Brexit: Ryanair’s Not Sour but Refreshing

Ryanair, which had ardently argued in favour of the UK to remain in the European Union has taken a refreshing approach to defeat.

In essence, the airline’s approach has been: ‘When the UK gives you lemons, pull your juicer out of the bottom shelf and set up a tempting lemonade stand.’

I ❤️???????? SWA: Southwest Reveals New LUV-able ‘Software’

Southwest Airlines has revealed new crew uniforms and new cabin interiors for the 737-800 as part of its updated Heart brand. The airline first introduced its bold brand refresh with the unveiling of a new logo, aircraft livery and airport […]

Ryanair Revamps Fares With More For Business and Pleasure for Leisure

Ryanair continues its strong push for service improvements during year 3 of its Always Getting Better (AGB) program, introducing a new Leisure Plus fare and adding new features to the airline’s Business Plus fares.