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Passenger Terminal Expo

This Is the Self-Tracking Bag You’ll Covet, but Shame About the Logistics

  • 4 min read

Without a doubt, the Rimowa digital check-in luggage is a luggage fiend’s dream come true. But these Red Dot design award winners may not solve your biggest baggage problem.

This beautifully designed luggage is the collaborative project between luxury travel bag manufacturers Rimowa, Airbus, the manufacturers of the super sleek A350 who build other nifty planes too, and ever-stylish Lufthansa.

While You Wait for Driverless Cars, Take a Driverless Bus at the Airport

  • 1 min read

At the Passenger Terminal Expo in Cologne, I was introduced to NAVYA–the self driving minibus which might make getting from the parking lot to the airport Terminal far more comfortable. NAVYA is a fully autonomous, driverless electric minibus which the company hopes will help passengers get from the parking lot… 

Big Brother will travel with you and you will pay his ticket

  • 9 min read

One of the prevailing themes at this year’s Passenger Terminal Expo in Barcelona was the future of automated terminal processes through high-grade hardware and advanced software solutions; straight out of the eerily accurate visions of Phillip K. Dick. In truth, the selling points for these innovations as PaxEx enhancements are strong.… 

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