Passengers Angry About United Mistake Fares In Denmark Were *Really* Angry, USDOT Reports

The mistake involved an error in currency conversion which only occurred on United Airlines’ localised Denmark website, and erroneously converted Danish Kroner to Dollars resulting in First class fares from the EU to the U.S. for an unbelievably low fare of $51.

Alitalia Reports Laser Strike on Pontiff’s Plane

Alitalia has issued a statement of an incident of laser interference with flight crew on the aircraft carrying Pope Francis during his mission to Mexico.

Crew on flight AZ4000 reported on Friday 12 February, that during the landing phase of flight at Mexico City Airport, they were flashed by a laser light pointed at the aircraft. The Airbus A330 was transporting the Pontiff Havana to Mexico City.

Someone’s Created a ‘Crew Shame’ Twitter Feed Which Is–Well–a Terrible Idea

Probably the worst part of this account is that it’s so unnecessary–despite these facts crew already get “shamed” are already exposed online without their permission, get harassed every day. So..what..we need another push for this growing problem?

After BA2276 Close Call, it’s Past Time for Passengers to Take Safety Seriously

Flames and dark black smoke emanated from a British Airways 777, operating flight BA2276, at McCarran International Airport prompting a rush evacuation of the aircraft and swift emergency response. The event, documented on social media, highlights a frightening trend by passengers to completely disregard clear safety instructions, even common sense or a natural response of self-preservation, by taking time to bring their luggage along.

Kickstarters: Stop Putting Lithium-Ion Batteries In Novelty Luggage, Pretty Please

The latest luggage for the gadgeteer to hit Kickstarter is a combination luggage, motorized scooter, and personal electronic device charger. Because.

Dear Anonymous Passenger: You Don’t Deserve that Exit Row Seat

Here’s the thing to remember when you choose to sit in the exit row: it’s neither a perk nor a privilege. It’s a responsibility.

Apparently, You’re Not Drinking Enough on the Plane

In the latest attempt to push a power-drink, New Zealand beverage maker 1Above has launched its “Jet Lag” flight drink to the North American market. The company says flying really wears Americans down, resulting in  negative  performance. 1Above cites results a survey conducted […]

Let’s Not Waste an Opportunity to Carry-On after IATA Carry-On Controversy

I spent a bit of time this month writing about IATA’s proposed ‘Cabin OK’ program: introducing it, clearing up misconceptions, and, finally, reporting on its demise, er, “pause.” This is the second of two posts today, which review the Cabin OK aftermath. I […]

Qatar Airways CEO Calls Al Jazeerah 787 Dreamliner Documentary “Over Sensationalised”

Speaking to the Press during the delivery of its new A380 aircraft, Qatar Airways CEO, His Excellency, Akbar Al Baker, referred to the Al Jazeerah 787 Dreamliner documentary as “over sensationalised,” when asked to comment by a Bloomberg reporter.