Yes. Delta Did Just Nominate Itself for the Safety Video Oscars (#Safetys)

So this just happened… It’s a cute tie-in to the Oscars this weekend–all in good humour. I can’t help notice that the popular nominee for best actress in a Safety Video was snubbed by the Delta Safety Academy..which is bound to […]

KLM Proves You Don’t Have to Be in Iceland to Promote Local

The idea is to help passengers whose lay-overs exceed six hours to get out and about for a bit of fresh air and local flavour with people of common interests.

To manage the program—without delayed flights waiting for lost explorers—KLM has introduced a dedicated Layover with a Local app which will match passengers with local guides who register with KLM to participate. Guides are picked based on language skills and common social interests.

SAS Amps-Up App with Remap Social Trip-Planning

SAS has upgraded the features available on its useful app by adding a new social trip-planning feature named Remap. By sharing their travel plans, the airline proposes, users can get helpful tips and recommendations for their itineraries from friends through […]

Turkish Airlines Debuts World’s First Live Broadcasted Flight

Turkish Airlines proves its Social Media genius again by becoming not only the first airline but the first brand to hold a live Periscope broadcast. It featured cabin crew adventures in flight and on the ground and earned the airline 5,118 new followers and 292,779 total likes. Not a bad way to take-off on the medium.

Singapore Airlines Adds #Foodie Appeal to Already Appealing Premium Economy Product

The airline industry may be behind the times on some things, and some airlines might not get consumer preferences at all (judging from complaints) but the aviation industry is beginning to take advantage of the power of social media’s reach. And the best brands are now making their bid for our business pretty tasty.

Turkish Airlines Wants You to Get Out of Town

Folks in the US are notorious vacation-dodgers, with studies showing that workers in the US left an average of 3.2 vacation days a year gathering dust with the Human Resources department in 2013, and a stats hinting at a culture that is a bit […]