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Better Skies Ahead

DLR Design Challenge 2023: Innovating the Skies to Restore Internet Connectivity

  • 3 min read

Ensuring uninterrupted communication is crucial in an era where climate change intensifies natural disasters. The German Aerospace Center (DLR) recognized this pressing need and introduced the DLR Design Challenge 2023. It urges students to design aircraft capable of restoring internet connectivity during calamities. The Sentinel System Triumphs The Duale Hochschule… 

Economy Class seats inside the Qatar Airways Airbus A350XWB. © 2015 FCMedia | FlightChic

Aircraft Cabin Design: What matters most?

  • 3 min read

Food, drinks, service, fares, seats, safety? Which matters most to you in the aircraft cabin? What elements of the aircraft cabin interior should airlines focus on to improve the overall passenger experience? Take the survey!

Illustration of Oxygen Reduction Reaction, Quantum Research

Airbus, BMW, Quantinuum Research Sustainable Energy

  • 5 min read

Airbus, BMW Group, and Quantinuum have pioneered a groundbreaking hybrid quantum-classical workflow. This innovative framework expedites future research by utilizing quantum computers to simulate quantum systems, specifically emphasizing the chemical reactions of catalysts within fuel cells. 

Singapore Airlines Q2 Exceeds Expectations

  • 14 min read

In a landmark achievement, the SIA Group reported a net profit of $734 million in the initial three months of the fiscal year 2023/24. This figure represents the highest quarterly performance in the Group’s history.

Image of Braille markings for an individual row on a United aircraft.

United Adds Braille to Aircraft Interiors

  • 5 min read

United’s new tactile signage is set to enhance the flying experience for passengers with visual impairments, offering them greater autonomy in identifying row numbers, seat assignments, and lavatory locations.

Boeing leaders present a check to Fly Compton. Funds will go toward flight training classes offered to underserved students in LA’s Compton community. (photo: Fly Compton)

Boeing Pilot Scholarship Program aims to increase diversity

  • 6 min read

Boeing has recently announced $950,000 worth of scholarships earmarked for pilot training and education. This initiative is a monumental step towards broadening and diversifying the talent pool in commercial aviation, particularly within the underrepresented demographics in Los Angeles.

A rendering of the Luminous Wave facade which will be a striking architectural feature of the new SAN T1.

San Diego International Airport’s New T1 Concessionaires Selected

  • 6 min read

San Diego International Airport’s new T1 concessionaires will offer travelers an authentic San Diego experience. The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, the organization that owns and runs San Diego International Airport, has chosen businesses that will operate in the new Terminal 1. The terminal will have a variety of… 

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