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Flight Checks – FAIL

Female and Male Air Traffic Controllers with Headsets Talk in Airport Tower. Office Room is Full of Desktop Computer Displays with Navigation Screens, Airplane Departure and Arrival Data for the Team.

IATA Calls for Action on European ATC Troubles

  • 3 min read

The Director General of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Willie Walsh, calls for action on the performance of European Air Traffic Control (ATC) which has recently come under critical scrutiny as it disrupts summer travels.

Alitalia Reports Laser Strike on Pontiff’s Plane

  • 2 min read

Alitalia has issued a statement of an incident of laser interference with flight crew on the aircraft carrying Pope Francis during his mission to Mexico.

Crew on flight AZ4000 reported on Friday 12 February, that during the landing phase of flight at Mexico City Airport, they were flashed by a laser light pointed at the aircraft. The Airbus A330 was transporting the Pontiff Havana to Mexico City.

Someone’s Created a ‘Crew Shame’ Twitter Feed Which Is–Well–a Terrible Idea

  • 7 min read

Do you enjoy having someone look over your shoulder at work and, what’s more, publish all of you perceived peccadilloes for the world to see? You’re in luck!

You could now get a job as cabin crew or flight crew to ensure that happens.

Someone has now created a Twitter feed expressly intended to shame airline crew who “misbehave.”

To this ‘outrageous’ reaction, the mystery account in question replied:

“If passengers can be shamed then ✈️ flight crews are fair game! Level playing fields are a good thing. ????


After BA2276 Close Call, it’s Past Time for Passengers to Take Safety Seriously

  • 2 min read

Flames and dark black smoke emanated from a British Airways 777, operating flight BA2276, at McCarran International Airport prompting a rush evacuation of the aircraft and swift emergency response. The event, documented on social media, highlights a frightening trend by passengers to completely disregard clear safety instructions, even common sense or a natural response of self-preservation, by taking time to bring their luggage along.

Kickstarters: Stop Putting Lithium-Ion Batteries In Novelty Luggage, Pretty Please

  • 4 min read

For the love of all things holy! Someone had better explain to gadgety luggage innovators that building lithium-ion batteries into their luggage is not a good idea–no matter their best intentions to come to the rescue of the power-hungry connected passenger.

Wait. That someone is probably me.

Dear Anonymous Passenger: You Don’t Deserve that Exit Row Seat

  • 2 min read

Nik Loukas at InFlight Feed shared this image of an irresponsible fool onboard an Iberia flight. Whoever you are: You don’t deserve that seat.

This image highlights how little some passengers understand about the responsibilities that go along with the coveted extra legroom in the exit row.

We’ve all seen passengers treat the cabin badly, sit in ways they’d never sit at home, do damage to interiors which cost a fortune to develop and install. That’s really bad. But this is worse:

Apparently, You’re Not Drinking Enough on the Plane

  • 8 min read

In the latest attempt to push a power-drink, New Zealand beverage maker 1Above has launched its “Jet Lag” flight drink to the North American market.

The company says flying really wears Americans down, resulting in  negative  performance. 1Above cites results a survey conducted online by Harris Poll this May, on its behalf. The survey participants included over 2,000 U.S. adults whose most recent flight was an hour or longer.

Let’s Not Waste an Opportunity to Carry-On after IATA Carry-On Controversy

  • 5 min read

I spent a bit of time this month writing about IATA’s proposed ‘Cabin OK’ program: introducing it, clearing up misconceptions, and, finally, reporting on its demise, er, “pause.”

This is the second of two posts today, which review the Cabin OK aftermath. I promise to let the matter drop after that.

IATA Cabin OK Bag, IATA Flickr
IATA Cabin OK Bag, IATA Flickr

I must say I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a general uproar brought about by a single proposal by IATA, or airlines in general.

Now that the hullabaloo has all but subsided, I’d like to highlight the positive side of all of this–power to the people–and some opportunities to get really riled up, which we should not let pass us by.

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