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Technically Speaking

Lufthansa Group Aircraft in the sky.

Lufthansa Invests in Spotnana for NDC Integrations

    Spotnana and Lufthansa Group have joined forces to spur innovation in digital air retailing. Direct New Distribution Capability (NDC) integrations include integrating Lufthansa Group’s innovative Green Fares. 

    AirJapan B787 Dreamliner rendering.

    AirJapan Brings Bluebox IFE System Onboard

      Air Japan has made the strategic decision to leverage the advanced features of Bluebox’s Blueview Onboard Retail and IFE. The Blueview digital services platform will be integrated into the airline’s Boeing B787 aircraft, elevating the in-flight experience. 

      United new domestic First Class Seat July 2023

      New United Domestic First Class Seat Unveiled

        United Airlines is once again redefining air travel, announcing the release of a new domestic first class seat that sets the gold standard for in-flight comfort and technology. The upgrade brings together luxurious details and high-tech features, upgrading the passenger experience.

        SITA Baggage Report shows spike in mishandled bags as the airline industry recovers from COVID-19.

        Baggage Mishandling Surges Post-Pandemic: Insights from SITA Baggage Report

          As the global travel industry sees a remarkable recovery post-pandemic, a concerning trend has emerged — a significant spike in baggage mishandling. The latest SITA Baggage IT Insights report illuminates the increase, revealing that mishandled baggage rates surged by 74.7% in 2022, reaching 7.6 bags per thousand passengers.

          Virgin Atlantic Retreat Suite A330-900neo Upper Class

          Virgin Atlantic and Fetcherr Pioneer Generative Pricing Engine in Aviation Industry

          Will AI decide your fares in future?

          Virgin Atlantic is charting a new course for the aviation industry through a strategic partnership with Fetcherr, an AI-native pricing optimization solution provider. This collaboration will see the implementation of Fetcherr’s cutting-edge Generative Pricing Engine (GPE), an innovative AI technology that optimizes operational processes, supports revenue generation, and ensures competitive pricing for customers.

          Panoramic aerial view of rural landscape with agricultural lands and fields on a background of cloudy blue sky from the window inside an airplane.

          How Google and the ICCT Plan to Help Airlines Meet their Sustainability Goals

            As part of a significant stride towards fostering sustainable travel, Google has spearheaded the formation of an advisory committee to refine and augment Google’s Travel Impact Model (TIM).

            The search giant aims to offer travelers more precise flight emission estimates and advocate for environmentally-conscious travel decisions. The committee is an amalgamation of climate scientists, academics, and representatives hailing from airlines, airports, and non-profit organizations. Their shared goal is to incorporate the latest scientific data and industry best practices into the TIM.

            Sustainable Aviation Fuel made from H20 and CO2? Danish company plans to make it possible.

              Revolutionizing the sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) landscape, Topsoe is spearheading the FrontFuel project. The venture promises the production of highly efficient SAF using CO2, water, and renewable electricity.

              To further this eco-friendly initiative, the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP) was awarded Topsoe a grant of 26.9 million DKK (~US$4 million).

              SAS Simplifies Bookings By Adding Complications

                The new ticket types may help SAS customers find the product they need quickly. The airline hopes the re-labeling of ticket types might make the booking decision easier for travelers. There will be no changes to fares or to the content offered by the ticket types.