31 Passengers Injured by Turbulence on Flight From Abu Dhabi to Jakarta

Etihad Airways has released a statement on a severe turbulence incident onboard its flight EY474 from Abu Dhabi to Jakarta on 4 May 2016.

Can Recaro’s New Airbags Make Premium Seats Safer?

Aeropatent has discovered a new patent submitted by German aircraft seat manufacturer, Recaro, for an airbag deployment system which would protect passengers from head and shoulders injuries during a crash. The airbag proposed in the patent would deploy in the front […]

Yes. Delta Did Just Nominate Itself for the Safety Video Oscars (#Safetys)

So this just happened… It’s a cute tie-in to the Oscars this weekend–all in good humour. I can’t help notice that the popular nominee for best actress in a Safety Video was snubbed by the Delta Safety Academy..which is bound to […]

Thailand Must “Address Critical Safety” and “Shore-Up Competitiveness”, IATA Warns

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has urged the Thai government to address critical issues of safety, capacity and costs. “Aviation is critical to Thailand’s economic success. It is the backbone of the tourism industry and provides critical global business […]

How S7 Helped OK Go Make Maybe the Best Safety Video in the History of Ever

Like nearly everyone else on the planet connected to the internet (actually nearly 33 Million out of over 3 Billion, but who’s doing the maths?), I was tossed for a spin by the wonderful new OK Go “Upside Down & Inside Out” music […]

Oops! They Did It Again. What to Know About Sharks and Aviation Safety

Are airline safety videos over, or can a well plotted story-building formula survive a ditching?

American Airlines Flight AA206 Turbulence Injuries, Highlight Importance of Seatbelts

American Airlines Flight AA206 which departed from Miami International Airport with Destination Milan was diverted to St. John’s International Airport due to reported injuries onboard. Airport representatives present reported injuries were due to in-flight turbulence.

Someone’s Created a ‘Crew Shame’ Twitter Feed Which Is–Well–a Terrible Idea

Probably the worst part of this account is that it’s so unnecessary–despite these facts crew already get “shamed” are already exposed online without their permission, get harassed every day. So..what..we need another push for this growing problem?

Ready for Rudolf? JetBlue’s “Let’s Play Airport” is the Best of Reindeer Games

JetBlue has put together a very clever holiday-travel video which will help make air travel for the Christmas holiday less trying on everyone. There’s enough stress in the process without delays at the lines when passengers try to bring prohibited […]