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How Israel’s Airlines Put Anti-Missile Systems On Planes

  • 2 min read

Some commercial airlines have equipped their planes with anti-missile systems to protect against attacks from the ground. In one of FlightChic’s recent articles on, we look into the history of this development and the technology that backs commercial aircraft defense. The recent conflict in Israel raises security concerns, disrupting… 

Airline Workers Take a Stand Against Passenger Assaults: The Assault Won’t Fly Campaign

  • 5 min read

In recent times, alarming reports have emerged about assaults on flight attendants. In response to this crisis, flight attendants and other essential airline workers affiliated with the Transport Workers Union (TWU), staged a significant action at Newark Liberty International Airport. This action aimed to raise awareness about the ‘Assault Won’t Fly’ campaign, which targets the increasing incidents of unruly passengers assaulting airline staff.

IATA Issues Urgent Call for Action on Electronics Ban

  • 6 min read

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has published an urgent call to action urging governments to address restrictions on the carriage of larger electronic devices onboard.

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