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Alaska Airlines Marks Earth Day With Interiors Upcycling Program

In time for Earth Day, Alaska Airlines has followed the example of Southwest, JetBlue, and KLM up-cycling their used interiors and converting them to useful travel totes.

The 4 Most Environmentally Friendly Airports in North America

The five airports recognised have demonstrated industry leadership though their environmental and sustainability programmes.

Each year, since 1997, ACI-NA has recognised airport members for their efforts to protect and preserve the environment through specific programs, initiatives, or projects.

Airports can win one of four award categories.

Environmental Management;
Mitigation; Outreach/Education/Community Involvement; Innovative/Special Projects

easyJet and Cranfield University Reveal Sustainable Aircraft Concept

“Each aircraft would have motors in their main wheels and electronics and system controllers would give pilots total control of the aircraft’s speed, direction and braking during taxi operations. The system would therefore reduce, if not remove altogether, the need for tugs to manoeuvre aircraft in and out of stands, delivering more efficient turnaround times and increased on time performance,” the airline explains.

SAS Takes Off Using Flower Power

SAS has been renewing its aircraft fleet with a view to improve its environmental impact. It was the first airline in Scandinavian to add ‘next generation’ aircraft to its fleet from 2013, and will take delivery of fuel-efficient aircraft to serve both its short-haul and long-haul routes: Airbus A330 enhanced (from 2015), Airbus A320neo (from 2016) and later the Airbus A350XWB (from 2018).