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Embraer Delivers 62 Jets During Strong H1

  • 4 min read

Embraer’s total deliveries for the year stand at 62 aircraft (24 commercial and 38 executive jets), a 35% increase from H1 2022.

Acro Earns Airbus Premium Supplier Rating

  • 3 min read

Acro Aircraft Seating has achieved a significant milestone in being chosen as a Premium Supplier for Airbus. This recognition applies to Economy Class and Premium Economy Class Seats of the BFE catalog 2023 July release.

Peter O'Donovan CarTrawler

CarTrawler Marks Travel Recovery

  • 6 min read

Jump to Just the Facts CarTrawler Records Stellar Recovery in FY22  In a turn of events that illustrates a robust rebound from the pandemic-induced downturn, CarTrawler has returned to profitability in FY22. As a prominent player in the travel industry, the company’s financial performance reveals its resilience and underscores the… 

Illustration of Oxygen Reduction Reaction, Quantum Research

Airbus, BMW, Quantinuum Research Sustainable Energy

  • 5 min read

Airbus, BMW Group, and Quantinuum have pioneered a groundbreaking hybrid quantum-classical workflow. This innovative framework expedites future research by utilizing quantum computers to simulate quantum systems, specifically emphasizing the chemical reactions of catalysts within fuel cells. 

FAA trials multi-regional TBO: Advances in flight trajectories can cut aviation’s Carbon Footprint by 10%

  • 9 min read

A new initiative successfully managed flights across countries by predicting aircraft trajectories. The Federal Aviation Administration’s live flight demo included situations and flights between the U.S., Japan, Singapore, and Thailand. Using Trajectory Based Operations (TBO), countries shared aircraft trajectories, and air traffic experts optimized flight paths considering factors like weather and airspace closures.

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