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December 2014

9 Great Airline Brands We’ve Loved and Lost, Skift, December 2014

Can Qatar Airways’ New Plane Turn Doha Airport Into a Global Hub?, Skift, December 2014

Meet the First Passenger to Fly Etihad’s Three-Room Residence Suite, Skift, December 2014

Air China: Rich Culture, Timeless Elegance and a Tradition of Service, APEX Magazine, Digital, December 2014

Solving the Seamless Revenue Puzzle: GuestLogix and OpenJaw Take a Bite Out of Silos, APEX Magazine, Digital, December 2014

Etihad Debuts New Italian Couture Uniforms During Its New Aircraft Launch, Skift, December 2014

Passengers Win as Airlines and In-Flight Wi-Fi Suppliers Feud, Skift, December 2014

Why Disrespecting Flight Attendants is Totally Nuts, Skift, December 2014

The Top 10 Aircraft Interiors Innovations of 2014, APEX Magazine, Digital, December 2014

Intercontinental’s Kimpton Buy: A Difference Between Hard and Soft Branding, Skift, December 2014, with Dennis Schaal

United Airlines Will Give Cabin Crew 23,000 iPhone 6 Plus Devices, Skift, December 2014

Delta’s Execs Explain Its New Interiors in Dollars and Cents, Skift, December 2014

8 Best Bad Ideas in Air Travel for 2014, Skift, December 2014

Japan Airlines to Lower Fuel Surcharges, Matching Lower Fuel Prices, Skift, December 2014

Etihad Revamps In-Flight Amenities Without Ignoring Coach Class, Skift, December 2014

SAS Airlines’ New Plane Is Tweeting Its Way Into Existence, Skift, December 2014

Changi Airport Breaks Ground on the Terminal of the Future, Skift, December 2014

WOW Air’s CEO Argues All Low-Cost Routes to Europe Go Through Reykjavik, Skift, December 2014

A Breakthrough In Branded Content Revenue: JetBlue Brings Old-School IFE to its FLY-FI IFC, APEX Magazine, Digital, December 2014

Gatwick to Make Plane To Train Seamless With $190 Million Upgrade, Skift, December 2014

Safety First: Progress Made in Testing of Seat-Embedded IFE, APEX Magazine, Digital, December 2014

Japan Airlines Cuts Seats to Increase Comfort on Long-Haul Flights, Skift, December 2014

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