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November 2014

How Virgin Atlantic Uses Light to Make Its New Plane a Superstar, Skift, November 2014

On Developing NextGEN  TSA: Faster Interface, Better UX, Less Hassle, APEXMagazine, Digital, November 2014

Spotlight on Africa: Youthful and Primed for Growth, APEXMagazine, Digital, November 2014

Adding Up the Costs of a $1,200 In-Flight Wi-Fi Bill, November 2014

The World’s Best and Worst On-Time Airlines, Skift, November 2014

The New 3-D Seat Design That Would Make Flying So Much Cooler, Skift, November 2014

Spotlight on Latin America: Primed for Growth and Heavy Competition, APEXMagazine, Digital, November 2014

Interview: The Design Journey of Eurostar’s First New Trains in Two Decades, Skift, November 2014

Spotlight on China: The Market Shift Driving Aviation Trends, APEXMagazine, Digital, November 2014

Airlines as Lifestyle Brands May Be the Future of Air Travel, Skift, November 2014

The Challenge of Finding the Fastest In-Flight Wi-Fi, Skift, November 2014

Heathrow’s New Scent Dispenser Helps Passengers Get in the Mood to Travel, Skift, November 2014

Americans Are Officially the Unhappiest Air Travelers on Earth, Skift, November 2014

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