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Profits Ain’t Peanuts (Part 4.2: Nutty Seating, the second helping)

  • 12 min read

Are you sitting comfortably?   Yesterday’s post covered some important facts which govern the certification of aircraft seating.  If you’re interested in learning more about those technical details and the processes required to manufacture aircraft seats, and you have a little time to spare, I have a few videos for… 

Where are my peanuts?

  • 1 min read

Profits Ain’t Peanuts Part Three: Take a Byte is in a delayed roasting phase just now.  In order to ensure it’s tasty and nutrient-rich, it will now be published on Saturday, 4 January, instead of Friday. Sorry for the delay.  The roaster is tied up, and I want to be sure… 

Flight 2014: Limitless Destinations

  • 2 min read

To all my fellow passengers on Flight 2014: We’ve now reached a comfortable cruising altitude so you can feel free to roam about the cabin.  My commitment to you on this flight is to provide you quality Inflight Entertainment, keep you up-to-date with key events along our journey, and serve-up… 

Profits Ain’t Peanuts (Part Two: Nuts for Business)

  • 9 min read

Let’s Talk Business Business travellers are core customers to all airlines.  While they are also affected by changing economic conditions, they are far more resilient than tourist traffic.  New technologies and changing workplaces aside, face to face meetings are still more effective than video conferences.  You can separate business travellers… 

Profits Ain’t Peanuts (Part One: The Peanut Uprising)

  • 6 min read

This is the first post in a five-part series comparing and contrasting the approaches of Low-Cost Carriers, Traditional Airlines, and New Airlines as they compete for the travel budgets of increasingly savvy travellers. In his summary of Airline Trends for Landor’s 2014 Trends Forecast, Peter Knapp, Global Creative Officer based… 

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