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Emirates’ Expands A380 Services to Australia

    Emirates has announced an expanded A380 service to Sydney starting in November, translating to nearly 2,000 extra seats every week. Additionally, the airline announced a planned return of flights to Adelaide on the A350.

    Airbus 12, Boeing 12: Qantas Orders Aircraft for International Fleet

      In a significant move to modernize its international fleet, Qantas has placed a firm order for 12 Airbus A350 and 12 Boeing 787 aircraft. This strategic decision replaces the current A330 and A380 fleets over the next decade and includes purchase-right options to facilitate future growth and fleet renewal. 

      Inside SAS’ New A350 Experience

        The SAS A350 cabin introduces new seat models and unique, customized passenger experience solutions responding to customer feedback.

        Finnair Reports 6% Growth, Expands A350 Service to Asia

          Finnair reports 6% growth in passenger numbers year-on-year for September, 6.5% Year-on-Year. Finnair also announced an expansion of its A350 routes to Tokyo and Hong Kong as part of the airline’s focus on growth in Asia.

          The Passenger-Friendly Way this Independent Designer Would Approach Vertical Cabins

          I’ve written about Olivier Grégoire’s proposal for a vertical cabin design previously on Skift.
          He first approached me in December of last year with a unique concept to make vertical cabin design work around a passenger needs for space and privacy during long haul flights.

          Grégoire has since sent me a link to a video he produced which illustrates more clearly how the design would work. He proposes the cabin concept for the A350 aircraft.