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Not Quite #PizzaRat, but Close: JetBlue Gets New Yorkers to ‘Steal’ Posters for Goodies

How far will you go for freebies? Are you bold enough to rip a poster from a bus stand and walk away cool as a iced cucumber?  Evidently, New Yorkers are. According to AdWeek, some go-getters took jetBlue up on a #NYCTakeoff challenge and ripped off 181 bus shelter ads across the five boroughs.

Did they get fined for this pilfering? No! They were rewarded with a whole assortment of treats, including round-trip tickets onboard JetBlue’s fresh Mint cabin. Nice.

When the Pizza Rat thing happened, I asked whether any airline could possibly jump on that trend.

It’s not that JetBlue timed the promotion to coincide with this viral hit, but this rip-a-trip campaign sure fits the Pizza Rat never-miss-an-opportunity theme.

ICYMI (Where were you?!?)

Having to tote a super-sized JetBlue coupon around New York for treats is not quite the demonstration of perseverance of Pizza Rat–but it’s still pretty impressive.

New York: If you can take it there, you can get anywhere.