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Emilia Wickstead Will Create New Air New Zealand Uniforms

  • 4 min read

Air New Zealand has announced that renowned Kiwi fashion designer Emilia Wickstead will partner with the airline to create new uniforms. Wickstead, who has gained international recognition for her designs worn by global influencers and A-list celebrities, will now bring her talents to design New Zealand’s most iconic and recognizable… 

Air New Zealand App Introduces Real-Time Baggage Tracking

  • 3 min read

Traveling can be stressful, especially when you’re uncertain about the whereabouts of your precious luggage. Air New Zealand has introduced a cutting-edge baggage tracking feature in its app. This feature, which is now live for all app users, will elevate the customer experience. Passengers get real-time updates on their checked baggage, which will instill confidence and offer peace of mind throughout their journey.

Air New Zealand Selects Inmarsat GX for Global In-Flight Wi-Fi

  • 2 min read

Air New Zealand has signed a contract for Inmarsat’s GX Aviation service which will deliver high speed Wi-Fi internet access to passengers on  its long and short-haul flights, with seamless global coverage. “We’re very excited about working with Air New Zealand. They’re an innovative organisation and have taken a fresh… 

Iberia Plus Loyalty Campaign “Seismillones” Honoured

  • 3 min read

Iberia’s Iberia Plus loyalty campaign “Seismillones” (six million) card received special honours at the Flightglobal/Global Flight Loyalty Awards 2016 in Bangkok.

Air New Zealand and Finnair also recognised during the Loyalty 2016 awards.

Air New Zealand Uses 3D Printing for Aircraft Interiors

  • 3 min read

Air New Zealand has applied 3D printing technology to produce components for its aircraft interiors. In collaboration with Auckland University of Technology the airline has manufactured fold-down cocktail trays used on its Business Premier seat using additive layer manufacturing technology. “A big advantage of 3D printing is that it allows… 

Air New Zealand Brings On “Board” Onboard In New Wicked Safety Video

  • 5 min read

Air New Zealand, which has long ruled the wave of infotainment In-Flight Cabin Safety Videos, takes to the waters again with a fresh combination of safety entertainment and destination marketing. Air New Zealand brought together surfing greats from around the world to produce its latest on “board “safety video, filmed at famous surf breaks across… 

Hot Zealand Safety Video Released: The Beauty of Safety. Watch and Win!

  • 2 min read

The Air New Zealand Cabin Safety Video featuring hot Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models fastening their safety belts while supine on beach chairs is finally out.  I especially enjoyed the life jacket demonstration with the slow-motion head-toss.  If you read More than a Hobbit for Safety, then you already saw the… 

More than a Hobbit for Safety: Air New Zealand Reminds us how to don our Mae West

  • 1 min read

Count on David Flynn from Australian Business Traveller Magazine to bring us the hottest stories this winter (or more accurately summer); featuring an “inside look” at a sizzling new Safety Video from Air New Zealand.  Read his superb article for the all the scoop and a lovely collection of all… 

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