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A4E Welcomes EU Airspace Initiative, Calls on Member States to Implement

A4E welcomes the EU Commission’s initiative to enhance airspace efficiency, and calls on Member States for urgent implementation. Air Traffic Control (ATC) strikes seriously affect …

Improving Efficiency of EU Airspace Could Yield €245 Billion Reward, IATA

IATA has released a new study projecting that Europe could gain 1 million jobs and get €245 billion boost in prosperity by 2035 from airspace modernization.

Today, the air travel sector supports 11.7 million European jobs and $860 billion of European GDP, IATA states. But IATA describes the sector as “inefficient.”

Because of systematic inefficiencies, the airline association says, flight distance is nearly 50 kilometers longer than it needs to be and flights run with an average delay of 10 minutes.

ESA Picks Inmarsat to Develop New ATM Infrastructure in EU, Alitalia First Airline Partner

Through a joint initiative, Inmarsat and the European Space Agency (ESA) will optimise the airspace and airport capacity in Europe, reducing flight times, aircraft fuel burn, and associated CO2 emissions.

Dubbed the Iris Service Evolution program, Inmarsat will head a consortium of more than 30 companies across the aviation industry who will collaborate to develop a technical, commercial and operational roadmap for Europe’s long-term air traffic communications demand.

Alitalia is the official airline partner of the newly created Iris consortium.