LIFT’s 787 Tourist Class is Next Big Leap in Boeing Collaboration

Aircraft seating newcomers, LIFT systems, have extended their collaboration with Boeing aircraft with the award of a new 787 Tourist Class seat which is designed to optimally match the design of the 787 Dreamliner. 

Iberia Will Launch New Premium Economy Cabin in Summer 2017

Iberia will introduce a new “extra-comfortable Premium Economy cabin” on 37 of its long-haul A330-300 and A340-600 aircraft, as well as on its new A350 planes.

Airbus CEO Uses Toilet Humour To Deflect Question on Supplier Issues. It Almost Works.

During Airbus Innovation Days in Hamburg last week, I asked Airbus CEO Fabrice Brégier what is—for anyone in the aircraft manufacturing business—a pertinent question right now: does Airbus take any responsibility for causing supplier failures as a result of a strong push for the SFE catalogue?

Recaro Reports Record Turnover of €409M As Industry Works to Better Balance Demand

Recaro Economy_Class_BL3710 Aircraft Seat

Recaro Aircraft Seating reports record turnover of €409 million, which is €40 million higher than the company’s historic high in 2014.

Sales have grown by over 11 percentage points, outperforming the market average.

User Friendly Guide to Buying/Selling Your Seat Manufacturing Company (not just Zodiac)

Rumours that Zodiac Aerospace may be looking for a buyer and that French aircraft engine maker Safran may be considering a buy is distressing to this writer.

It’s the type of roughs-shot opportunistic consolidation aviation is addicted to–and it needs to break the habit. Please allow me to share my thoughts and rant a little.

I’m going to mention things I don’t usually talk about, but in the interest of edification I’ll go into them now; with the clear caveat that none of what I say is particularly true of Zodiac, and anything that is true of Zodiac is also true of other players. I won’t say which is which.

The Passenger-Friendly Way this Independent Designer Would Approach Vertical Cabins

I’ve written about Olivier Grégoire’s proposal for a vertical cabin design previously on Skift.
He first approached me in December of last year with a unique concept to make vertical cabin design work around a passenger needs for space and privacy during long haul flights.

Grégoire has since sent me a link to a video he produced which illustrates more clearly how the design would work. He proposes the cabin concept for the A350 aircraft.

Long-Haul Luxury or Supersonic Thrill: Which Would You Choose?

Airlines launch new long-haul routes and set new records, on the same week that NASA announces new low-boom Supersonic aircraft project.

So which way are we headed around the world? The long and winding road, or fast as the meteor flies?

This IS the Space-Age Aircraft Lavatory You Are Looking For

Boeing has submitted a new super-hygienic “Clean Cabin-Fresh Lavatory” concept to the Crystal Cabin Awards, which ticks all the boxes on passenger comfort and cabin health. The lavatory combines applied technologies to ensure hygiene and easy maintenance. Boeing lists the features […]

The Best Bits of Emirates’ A380 Two-Class Cabin Flash Tour

Emirates takes us on a quick guided tour of its new two-class A380 aircraft.

Best Bits, By-the-Numbers, Quick Facts, and Not-So Bests Follow