LIFT’s 787 Tourist Class is Next Big Leap in Boeing Collaboration

Aircraft seating newcomers, LIFT systems, have extended their collaboration with Boeing aircraft with the award of a new 787 Tourist Class seat which is designed to optimally match the design of the 787 Dreamliner. 

Passenger Comfort Is Key Focus for Innovative Aircraft Seating 2015

The Innovative Aircraft Seating Conference 2015 kicks off this week in Hamburg. The theme of this year’s meeting is Redefining the Travel Experience. The agenda reveals an industry focused on balancing between airline needs for profitability and stable operations and passengers’ […]

Why SIA’s A380 Premium Economy is Taking Longer to Install than Planned

Singapore Airlines had committed itself to a very aggressive installation program, to get its fresh product to market quickly and keep up with competitors in the region. This came after a long process of reviewing whether to introduce a Premium Economy product and the design and development process of what is a very beautiful, and promises to be a very comfortable, flying experience. It seems that the wait will be a little longer yet for some, which is a disappointment, but SIA is doing the right thing by notifying customers and giving them a range of alternatives.

Sogerma’s Celestial Bodies Feature In Airbus A350XWB Seating

Two celestial bodies featured at Aircraft Interiors Expo, Americas which show promise for low-footprint cabin comfort. One has already found its place in the A350XWB catalogue. The COMET® by Sogerma takes up very little space when upright, but can fold out to […]

Sleepers In Seattle: Zodiac Introduces High-Density Comfort to Business

Zodiac Seats has introduced of a new generation of seats for the premium economy class, which looks a lot like a one of the old Lazy-Boy-inspired First and Business Class aircraft seats, but which will prove a boon to cabin-footprint-conscious airlines. […]

Latest Airbus Seat Design Development Is A Boon to Babes

Airbus has been to cornering the market on key patents for seat designs clearly intended to protect various special applications and technologies–raising the question of whether the aircraft manufacturer plans to spread its capacities (and its catalogues) to design and sales […]

Airbus Continues to Walk A Wide Line on Seating, and Boeing Takes The Fast Road to the Front

Airbus has made a big issue about wide seating proposing an 18-inch standard for the industry at large in long-haul service. Such a standard would not fit certain aircraft configurations, even some of Airbus’ aircraft, when airlines demand greater seat density […]

Are Cleveland Browns Fans Guilty of Seat Snobbery?

Fans of the Cleveland Browns are in a lather over their rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel getting “stuck” in the middle seat on a recent flight on Southwest Airlines. “Not only was Johnny Football in coach,” wrote Sam Galanis in his article about […]

2b Or Not 2B: easyJet Shares Cool #PaxEx Stats

Leading European Low-Cost Carrier easyJet has just released a series of interesting factoids on the travel preferences of their customers which I found interesting enough to share here. It makes me wonder how many of these facts also apply to […]