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Chinese Airlines Will Need 3,200 More Planes by 2026

Aircraft lessor, Avolon, projects that Chinese airlines will need 3,200 additional aircraft over the next ten years. Headquartered in Ireland, with offices in the United States, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai, Avolon is the world’s third largest aircraft leasing business …

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29 Leaps in Aviation Over the Past Year

Aviation works every day at getting better. Sometimes it succeeds and other times, takes a leap backwards.

In honour of leap-day, I thought we could review some of the many leaps aviation has taken over the past year.

Perhaps these will inspire and encourage more innovation and improvement in future.

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As Airbus Looks Forward to $4.6 Trillion Future, Boeing says more like $5.2 Trillion

Airbus predicts that commercial aviation will need 31,000 new aircraft with 100-seat or greater capacity, a market worth $4.6 Trillion over the next twenty years. It attributes this demand to growing passenger traffic.

Boeing projects new commercial aircraft demand to be worth $5.2 Trillion over the next twenty years, consisting of 36,770 new aircraft.

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Airbus Cancels Skymark Order for Six A380s

In a very short statement, Airbus has announced that it exercised its “contractual rights,” and notified Skymark Airlines, Japan’s third largest carrier, that it has officially cancelled the purchase order for six A380s on its books.  The order was originally …