SIA and SilkAir Give Simplified Fares a Go

Singapore Airlines and Silk Air have announced that they will fold surcharges into their base fare, in a move which is intended to simplify pricing.

EU Consumers Pay €2.1 Billion a Year Extra in Air Fares Due to Airport Crowding

Crowded airports are costing us money. A new research study by SEO Amsterdam Economics and Cranfield University finds that European consumers pay EUR 1 billion a year in additional air fares, as a result of capacity constraints at airports.

U.S. Airlines Paid-Back Half their Fuel Savings to Employees and Nearly 40% to Passengers

The U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics has released its report on Q1 2016 Airline Financial Data, revealing that U.S. Scheduled Service Passenger Airlines have spent the equivalent of half their savings on fuel on labour costs and gave nearly 40% of the balance to passengers.