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Airline In-Flight Entertainment

Air India Now Offers 2,200 Hours Of In-Flight Entertainment Content

  • 5 min read

Air India Revolutionizes Inflight Entertainment for Long-Haul Flights Air India has announced the launch of its revamped in-flight entertainment system. This update promises to enhance the travel experience for passengers on long-haul flights. Air India offers a colossal library of varied content spanning diverse genres. Over 2,200 Hours of Entertainment… 

IFEC Systems: Onboard Ancillary Revenues Projected at $29 Billion by 2031

  • 3 min read

A report by Valour Consultancy has revealed that IFEC-driven onboard ancillary revenues are projected to skyrocket to an impressive $29 billion by 2031. The transformation comes after a difficult period affected by the COVID-19 pandemic but now sets the stage for robust growth.

Barbie IFE Content by Spafax

Is Your Ken’s Job Plane? Here’s Where Barbie Flies!

  • 4 min read

By joining forces with Mattel in a timely IFE partnership, Spafax highlights its uncanny knack for capturing the pulse of the times. It masterfully combines its proficiency in entertainment and travel, perfectly embodying the spirit of the age.

Is Google Daydream View the Answer to Airline VR Entertainment..and those “Pesky Kids”?

  • 4 min read

A lot has been written about the possibilities (and challenges) of introducing Virtual Reality In-Flight Entertainment. Some believe it’s the future. Others (your’s truly included) have been more skeptical. The technology has advantages and disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage for airlines is price. Even the Samsung VR headset–which Qantas first introduced… 

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