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SITA Baggage Report shows spike in mishandled bags as the airline industry recovers from COVID-19.

Baggage Mishandling Surges Post-Pandemic: Insights from SITA Baggage Report

    As the global travel industry sees a remarkable recovery post-pandemic, a concerning trend has emerged — a significant spike in baggage mishandling. The latest SITA Baggage IT Insights report illuminates the increase, revealing that mishandled baggage rates surged by 74.7% in 2022, reaching 7.6 bags per thousand passengers.

    IATA and AAHK team up to attract top talent in Hong Kong

      ✈️ IATA is joining forces with the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) to host the Hong Kong Aviation Day on 2-3 August 2023. The event promises to bolster the sector and encourage more people to join the exciting world of aviation.

      Oslo Airport Recognised as Europe’s Greenest

      Airport association ACI EUROPE has announced the winners of its Best Airport awards, with Avinor’s Oslo Airport winning the Eco-Innovation Award from the independent Advisory Board of the carbon management program, Airport Carbon Accreditation.

      “The judges were particularly impressed by the pioneering and innovative Oslo Airport’s project of setting up a regular supply of bio jetfuel to all the customer airlines, since January 2016, making it the first airport in the world to offer this service through the normal supply mechanism,” ACI EUROPE explains.

      Dublin Airport Recognised As Europe’s Most Accessible Airport

        Airport association ACI EUROPE has announced the winners of its Best Airport awards, naming Dublin Airport as Europe’s most accessible.

        The awards were announced during the Gala Dinner of the 26th ACI EUROPE General Assembly, Congress & Exhibition, in Athens on Tuesday night.

        A Brexit Would Pose Greater Security Challenges to European Aviation, Say ACI EUROPE Leaders

        Speaking at the 2016 ACI EUROPE Annual Congress and General Assembly in Athens on Tuesday, Augustin de Romanet, ACI EUROPE President and President & CEO of Aéroports de Paris SA/Groupe ADP, warned of additional challenges to risk-based security and intelligence sharing which a potential Brexit would pose.

        Praising the European Union for not imposing systematic screening at the entrance of Europe’s airport terminals after the attacks on Brussels Airport, de Romanet said we need “more Europe, not less of it.”

        Danish Universal Design Makes Automated Bag-Drop Accessible

          Universal design is a thing of beauty, as Danish firm Marcus Pedersen demonstrates.

          Its height-adaptable baggage drop solution which helps all passengers access the benefits of automated travel services.

          The company’s height-adjustable Air.Go On bag-drop solution is as modern and convenient a digital baggage-drop solution as you’ll find in the market. But it was designed for optimum ergonomic use, adjusting the height of the machine so that it can easily be used by all passengers.

          Airbus A380, Source: Airbus, photo by master films/A. Doumenjou

          Major Airport Cities Want the A380, Airbus Says

          John Leahy, COO Customers for Airbus argued in favor of the A380 from the airport point of view during today’s Airbus Innovation Days morning sessions.

          He pointed out that the aircraft helps to relieve strain on major hubs with heavy traffic.

          Airbus refers to it as the A380 effect. “When a city introduces the world’s biggest passenger plan–the impact on business and tourism development is substantial,” Airbus states.

          Hamburg Airport © FCMedia 2016

          Europe’s Airports Growing, Despite Attacks

            Airports Council International-Europe has released its first quarter performance report for Europe’s airports, reflecting growth even in challenging times after recent terrorist attacks.

            41% Rise of Private Ownership at Europe’s Airports, ACI-Europe Reports

              The Airports Council International Europe (ACI-Europe) has a released an updated 2016 Ownership report, revealing the dramatic rise of private investment in Europe’s airports since ACI-Europe last issued the report in 2010.

              The number of European airports with some share of private ownership has risen to 41% of European airports—205 in all—up from 22% in 2010.

              Nearly 39% of these (79 airports) are entirely privately owned, and 61% (126 airports) are variable percentage ’public-private’ ownerships.

              Larger airports, which handle close to 75% of Europe’s passenger traffic, have the most private shareholders.

              European Airports ‘Off to a Good Start’ in 2016, but Norway Aviation Tax a Concern

                Airports Council International—Europe (ACI-EUROPE) reports that European airports, on average, have started the year 6.3% ahead of 2015, but warns that the proposed aviation tax in Norway could hurt the economy.

                The average increase in passenger traffic was 6.9%

                16 airports in EU Member states had double digit growth. “This was the strongest monthly rate in almost two years,” the airports association states.

                Non-EU airports reported slower growth of 4.3%

                Copenhagen Airport Reports Continuing Record Growth

                  Copenhagen Airport (CPH) has released its annual report for 2015, showing record passenger numbers and solid earnings for the year.

                  The airport set a new passenger record for the fifth successive year in 2015, with more than 26.6 million passengers.

                  CPH reports that international passenger growth was a primary driver for growth, with the introduction of new long-haul routes, strengthening its position as an international hub in Northern Europe and intensifying its competition with the major European airports.

                  Schengen Must Remain in Tact, European Airports Tell EU Commission

                    “For Europe’s airports, the removal of internal air border controls between the 26 Schengen States has played an essential role in the availability of efficient and affordable air services for European citizens,” the airport association states.
                    “It has allowed intra-European air transport to become a commodity, as evidenced by the continued growth of air traffic. While just over 600 million passengers used Europe’s airports in 1990, an estimated 1,95 billion did so last year—with over 60% (1,2 billion) of them using one of the 443 airports located within the Schengen area.”

                    DFW Airport Releases New Apple Watch App

                      “More than 90% of DFW passengers are carrying smartphones and want information regarding their travel instantly,” said Sean Donohue, chief executive officer of DFW Airport. “The DFW Mobile App and our new Apple Watch app allow us to provide customers real-time information tailored to their particular journey, and another example of how we are leveraging the use of technology to provide an overall customer experience that is warm welcoming and efficient.”

                      The 4 Most Environmentally Friendly Airports in North America

                      The five airports recognised have demonstrated industry leadership though their environmental and sustainability programmes.

                      Each year, since 1997, ACI-NA has recognised airport members for their efforts to protect and preserve the environment through specific programs, initiatives, or projects.

                      Airports can win one of four award categories.

                      Environmental Management;
                      Mitigation; Outreach/Education/Community Involvement; Innovative/Special Projects

                      29 Leaps in Aviation Over the Past Year

                      Aviation works every day at getting better. Sometimes it succeeds and other times, takes a leap backwards.

                      In honour of leap-day, I thought we could review some of the many leaps aviation has taken over the past year.

                      Perhaps these will inspire and encourage more innovation and improvement in future.

                      Self-Service Technology is the Future of Air Travel in Brazil

                        Passengers in Brazil are embracing self-service check-in technology using their smart-phones, personal computers and airport kiosks, SITA reports.

                        • 80%  of passengers in Brazil said they liked using web check-in services
                        • 76% of passengers in Brazil said they like using self-service kiosks
                        • Only 65% said they liked checking-in at the desk

                        More than half of passengers surveyed still use check-in desks, higher than the global average of 43%, but SITA believes the trend is moving away from desks to digital.

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                        For Second Year, Airlines Rate Copenhagen Airport as World’s Best for Route Development

                        Airlines from around the world voted Copenhagen Airport was awarded the world’s best airport to acquire new air routes at the World Routes aviation conference in Durban, marking the second time in three years that Copenhagen Airport receives the world’s best airport for route development rating.

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                        SITA’s iBorders Program Puts Passengers at Front of the Line, without Compromising Security

                          Aviation industry technology leader, SITA, has released an updated video explaining the advantages of its iBorders program, which helps airports automate the immigration and border control process. As passenger numbers increase around the world, technology solutions such as automated document scanners and biometric identification promise to take the hassle out of flying.

                          Around the world, the aviation industry is investing heavily to make that passenger experience seamless. SITA reports a spend of $1 Billion to install E-Gates and Kiosks by 2020.