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Schengen Must Remain in Tact, European Airports Tell EU Commission

    “For Europe’s airports, the removal of internal air border controls between the 26 Schengen States has played an essential role in the availability of efficient and affordable air services for European citizens,” the airport association states.
    “It has allowed intra-European air transport to become a commodity, as evidenced by the continued growth of air traffic. While just over 600 million passengers used Europe’s airports in 1990, an estimated 1,95 billion did so last year—with over 60% (1,2 billion) of them using one of the 443 airports located within the Schengen area.”

    DFW Airport Releases New Apple Watch App

      “More than 90% of DFW passengers are carrying smartphones and want information regarding their travel instantly,” said Sean Donohue, chief executive officer of DFW Airport. “The DFW Mobile App and our new Apple Watch app allow us to provide customers real-time information tailored to their particular journey, and another example of how we are leveraging the use of technology to provide an overall customer experience that is warm welcoming and efficient.”

      The 4 Most Environmentally Friendly Airports in North America

      The five airports recognised have demonstrated industry leadership though their environmental and sustainability programmes.

      Each year, since 1997, ACI-NA has recognised airport members for their efforts to protect and preserve the environment through specific programs, initiatives, or projects.

      Airports can win one of four award categories.

      Environmental Management;
      Mitigation; Outreach/Education/Community Involvement; Innovative/Special Projects

      29 Leaps in Aviation Over the Past Year

      Aviation works every day at getting better. Sometimes it succeeds and other times, takes a leap backwards.

      In honour of leap-day, I thought we could review some of the many leaps aviation has taken over the past year.

      Perhaps these will inspire and encourage more innovation and improvement in future.

      Self-Service Technology is the Future of Air Travel in Brazil

        Passengers in Brazil are embracing self-service check-in technology using their smart-phones, personal computers and airport kiosks, SITA reports.

        • 80%  of passengers in Brazil said they liked using web check-in services
        • 76% of passengers in Brazil said they like using self-service kiosks
        • Only 65% said they liked checking-in at the desk

        More than half of passengers surveyed still use check-in desks, higher than the global average of 43%, but SITA believes the trend is moving away from desks to digital.

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        For Second Year, Airlines Rate Copenhagen Airport as World’s Best for Route Development

        Airlines from around the world voted Copenhagen Airport was awarded the world’s best airport to acquire new air routes at the World Routes aviation conference in Durban, marking the second time in three years that Copenhagen Airport receives the world’s best airport for route development rating.

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        SITA’s iBorders Program Puts Passengers at Front of the Line, without Compromising Security

          Aviation industry technology leader, SITA, has released an updated video explaining the advantages of its iBorders program, which helps airports automate the immigration and border control process. As passenger numbers increase around the world, technology solutions such as automated document scanners and biometric identification promise to take the hassle out of flying.

          Around the world, the aviation industry is investing heavily to make that passenger experience seamless. SITA reports a spend of $1 Billion to install E-Gates and Kiosks by 2020.