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American Airlines new Flagship Suite.

American Airlines Inside the Plane: New Flagship Suites

  • 10 min read

American’s choice of natural tones, including charcoals, light grays, subtle blues, browns, soft golds, and platinum, creates a sense of calm and a feeling of being at home.

New Modem Will Be Big Boost to Wi-Fi Performance, Gogo States

  • 2 min read

Gogo says users should expect “significantly” better W-Fi connections as a result of the upgrade to the satellite modem used in its Next Generation 2Ku and Ku satellite technologies.

The new modem “will significantly increase throughput from the satellite to end users” Gogo states, promising speeds of up to 400 Mbps to an aircraft. The modem will also support streaming of films and television programming viewed on the internet.

American Airlines Does Premium Economy Like They Mean It

  • 3 min read

Imagine a Bond villain stroking a soft white cat. Listen to the maniacal laughter. Something like, “Mmmguaaaahaahaahaaa.”

That’s me after the reveal of American Airlines’ new and dazzling Premium Economy product which will launch on the airline’s Dreamliner 787 aircraft in 2016, and will be introduced into other aircraft in the fleet at a later date.

Who said there’s no room for a true quality Premium Economy in the U.S. Market? Certainly not American Airlines.

Michael Sasso does a great write up of the details, which I’ve included in the link, and I’m in Geneva currently working on IATA news, so I’ll keep this brief.


(click to enlarge)

Airlines: Don’t Hazard Brand Survival by Betting on Sow’s Ear Cabin Divides

  • 16 min read

There is an urgent need in the industry for airlines to reconsider their cabin strategy, beyond antiquated class divides and to offer a truly differentiated product, tailored to the needs of modern passengers, according to their traveler profile and preferred in-flight activities.

This special-insights report covers the why, how, when, and for whom of one facet of this differentiation: the true Premium Economy product.

It will take about 15 minutes of your life to read it, but I tried to make it well worth your time. 

Airlines: Is a Customer Service Mindset at Odds With a Social Media Culture?

  • 14 min read

One of the quietly most controversial topics of discussion at this year’s SITA IT Summit in Brussels was the difference of opinion between Eash Sundaram, Executive Vice President and CIO of JetBlue Airways and Susana Brown, Managing Director-Operations Technologies at American Airlines on each airline’s Social Media strategy. This was in… 

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