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Why SIA’s A380 Premium Economy is Taking Longer to Install than Planned

  • 4 min read

Singapore Airlines will delay the launch of some of its highly anticipated Premium Economy (PEY) launch on some A380 aircraft because of installation delays which double the lead-time to completion from 7 days to around 14, the airline confirms.

“We had expected to have seven retrofitted A380s in service by now but at present we have three serving Sydney, Hong Kong and London routes. The original plan was for all 19 to be completed in the first quarter of 2016 (calendar year), but this has now shifted to the second quarter,” an airline spokesperson tells Flight Chic.

Latest Airbus Seat Design Development Is A Boon to Babes

  • 5 min read

Airbus has been to cornering the market on key patents for seat designs clearly intended to protect various special applications and technologies–raising the question of whether the aircraft manufacturer plans to spread its capacities (and its catalogues) to design and sales of Airbus seating.   One recent introduction is a much… 

Ready for takeoff…

  • 3 min read

Well, after a nice sabbatical working only on my creative fiction, I’m back to writing about aviation.  It’s hard to stay away, after spending decades in the industry.  Aviation gets in your blood.  It wraps itself around your DNA.  It becomes you. Anything to do with flight, from the aesthetic… 

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